5 Star Pinata

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Custom 5 Star Pinata Description:

Order this giant 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft star pinata, and we'll have 5 points to make for ya! Point 1: it's got six vibrant colors to match any fiesta! Point 2: With pom-poms in every direction, it's sure to bring some extra cheer to your party! Point 3: it's one of the biggest candy-filled stars you'll find this side of the galaxy! Point 4: at 10lbs, this pinata can hold enough candy to give everybody at the party a chance to shine! And, point 5: every party needs a star!

Note: If you would like a similar pinata or you have another design in mind please visit our custom pinatas page.


Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks. Rush Shipping is available for an additional fee.
Candy Capacity: 5-10 lbs. Great for groups big and small.
Size: 2.5 Ft x 2.5 Ft
Price: $84

After searching several sites for large pinatas, I finally found PinataCasa! These guys have built us three large pinatas and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome." - Jose P.

My husband and I struggled to find the perfect pinata for our son’s 7th birthday party, which was in a week. Luckily, PinataCasa was able to rush deliver a customized football player to us just in time!" - Sandra K.

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As a promotional company, we sometimes suggest custom pinatas to our clients for a unique twist at events. PinataCasa has done some custom bulk orders for us and our clients have really enjoyed them. Plus, their wholesale rates are pretty reasonable. Thanks guys!" – Veronica M.

Themed parties are one of my favorite things to put together. For our Tex-Mex party, we ordered a custom sambrero pinata from PinataCasa. Between the pinata, food, and tequila it felt just like Mexico!" – Tammy F.

After searching several sites for large pinatas, I finely found PinataCasa! These guys have built us three large pinatas and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome." - Jose P.

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"Our daughter Leah had her 8th birthday a few weeks ago. She had her heart set on a Cabbage Patch doll. PinataCasa was able to create a near perfect replica of the doll. We were really impressed on how well it came out and even have several parents at the party asking about it. Great work!" - Maria P.

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“Our office parties are usually pretty uneventful, but the piñata we had made of our boss had everyone talking. PinataCasa even got the hair right! ” - Sarah C.

"My son loves all things baseball, so I decided to have a baseball player pinata customized with his name on it. The piñata came out great and all the kids thought it was pretty cool!" - Hillary D.