Gearing up for back to school!
posted Jul 16 2013 by Pinata Casa

 Yes... it's that time of year again: the back to school commercials are airing on TV and kids are starting to get very bored.    Before the crazy fall schedules begin, one last hoorah in the summer sun can be the best way to end the summer.  We think this sounds like the perfect time to plan a Back to School Party!

Getting kids geared up for another year can be a daunting task.  We suggest the approach of easing them in to the "school routine", as suggested by Punch Bowl.  This party this is fun, interactive, and provides a lot of take home "goodies" for all the guests.


The invitations for a back to school party can be really fun to plan!  If you want to go a less expensive route and you child is only enough, have them help you by writing the invitations on school notebook paper and colorful school supplies.  They will really enjoy the art project aspect of the helping with the invitations, and when your guests receive the invites, they will start to get excited about the upcoming year! If homemade invitations sound too time consuming, you should take a look at Purple Trail for invitations! They have so many options for you to choose from.  Perhaps you see an invite that sparks your imagination and you can create your own!

On your invitations, be sure to let your guests know that they are coming to a fun-filled, action-packed "school day".  Encourage the kids to come in clothes they are comfortable getting dirty due to art projects and outdoor games.  The idea of a fun school day will be sure to get every kid excited.

The "School Day"

The easiest way to present the party, especially for a large crowd, it to have stations of activities.  This way, small groups of kids can be working on different areas simultaneously.  The stations can be timed if you are trying to fit around a schedule, or they can very relaxed.  Allowing the kids to flow between favorite stations can create a calm and fun atmosphere.

Gage the age group of the kids coming and plan appropriately.  If the children are young, try stations of mostly easy-to-follow crafts.  You could introduce the alphabet by having the kids decorate the first letter of their name. For the older crowd, a few simple math or letter based puzzles could be a fun way to get their brains back in to gear. 

No matter the age group, remember that the kids are there to have FUN! Keep the ideas light, fun, and full of crafts that they can take home to show their parents.  Just like at school, a kid will love the feeling of creating something beautiful to share with loved ones.  

"Snack" Time

A party is not a party unless it has cake!  With a back to school party, your imagination is the limit; just think of all the possibilities you have!  We suggest brainstorming ideas with your kids and see what their ideas are.  Maybe your kids could suggest a cake that reflects their favorite thing about school.  We like the idea of having a cake in the shape of:

  • School Bus
  • Notebook paper with writing in icing
  • Lunchbox
  • Giant crayon or crayon box
  • School mascot
Along with cake, be sure to have a few non-sugar snacks as well.  It could be a good idea to start reintroducing the kids in to healthy snack choices.  Fruits, veggies, and whole grain crackers can be a great place to start!  You can mix up a few kid friendly dips for them to enjoy.  Snack time could be their new favorite time of day!


A trip outdoors is necessary for the school day! And this is the perfect time to bust a pinata.  We suggest ordering a school mascot pinata to put the excitement back in their year!  Our mascot pinatas are huge and hold enough candy for a large party.  We can customize our pinatas to fit your school mascot and colors.  

You might also think about getting a pinata that is your kid's favorite sport!  A sporty pinata would be a great transition in to outdoor games.  Some classic recess games you can have everyone play are:

  • Tag
  • Red Rover
  • Hopscotch
  • Four Square
  • Jump Rope
  • Hide and Seek
  • Tetherball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
The most important thing to remember about a back to school party is to remind all the kids that school can be fun! And exciting! You may even be able to slip in a few "school lessons"... unless the cake is too distracting...



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