Spiderman Super Party!
posted May 07 2013 by Pinata Casa

Are you wanting a super party for your super kid? Then why not throw a party with a super hero theme! One of our favorite super hero parties is about our classic hero: Spidermaaaaaan!

Making your home ready for Spiderman

One of the many great things about Spiderman is his color scheme.  No, really!  Red and blue are two easy-to-find colors when you are looking for decor and can be incorporated in to almost anything:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Banners
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Balloons
  • Silverware
  • Cookies
  • Cupcake icing
  • Goodie bags

If you have been hunting for everything with a photo of Spiderman on it, or you or short on time, incorporating the two colors of red and blue will instantly bring the theme together with a pop of color. 

Once you have set up your color scheme you can really have fun with the small details.  Since Spiderman is known for throwing cobwebs, place cobwebs throughout your home.  Simple cotton batches, like those from a halloween section, make great spiderwebs; they are easy to assemble and easy to clean up.  For a grand entrance for your guests, create a giant spiderweb at the front door for everyone to see!

After you have decorated your house, it's time to focus on the food table.  This is the part of the party that you can get extremely creative while having delicious outcomes!  So many recipes can easily be adjusted to fit this party theme.  Anytime you are icing or decorating a dessert, just add a spider web to the top! Worried about the colors of your dessert? Food coloring can be a safe way to make your favorite treats red and blue.

Spiderman Surprises!

A Spiderman pintata can be filled with so many wonderful "spidey" treats! With our giant pinatas, there is plenty of room to add in not only your favorite candies and goodies, but Spiderman themed surprises.  Here are a a few ideas:

  • Plastic toy spiders
  • Spider stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Cobweb stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Your favorite trinkets in red and blue
  • Small packages of cotton candy (labeled "spider webs" and kept cool until filling"
  • Cobweb and spider shaped candies and chooclates

Our Spiderman pinata stands at a towering 4 feet tall and will hold 10 lbs. of candies and suprises!


Become Spiderman!

One of the most wonderful features of Spiderman is his mask and outfit.  Encourage kids to come either dressed as Spiderman or in red or blue.  To help your kids get in to the theme of the party, try having a face painting station for everyone to get the Spiderman mask painted on to their face. With freshly painted masks, all of the kids will be ready to run around and do their best super hero tricks! If you are going to paint anyone's face, be sure to check with fellow parents about allergens and use gentle face paint. 

Along with the face paint, another great way to have the kids feel like super heros is to make signs for them to carry around that say things like "POW!", "BANG!", "WOW!", ect, just like the old super hero TV shows.  Anytime one of the kids wins a game or does a neat trick, they can hold up their very own super hero sign!


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