What should I put in my pinata?
posted Feb 10 2013 by Pinata Casa

Now that you have ordered your pinata, you may be wondering what kind of goodies you should fill it with. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you have the perfectly filled pinata. And keep in mind, our pinatas hold 10 lbs. of whatever goodies your mind can come up with!

Think about your theme

If you are having a theme oriented party, be sure to fill your pinata accordingly.  For example, if you are having a space exploration birthday party, then candy canes probably wouldn't be the best option.  Here are few candy suggestions for theme parties.

  • Boys only party: blue and green colored candy (or your child's favorite color!), sour worms, candied scorpions, chocolates wrapped like sports balls, gummy dinosaurs, candy rocks, super hero candies
  • Girls only party: pink and purple colored candy (or your child's favorite color!), sugar coated candies, bubble gum, candy necklaces, ring pops, candy shaped like flowers and butterflies
  • Christmas Party: red and green candies, miniature candy canes, marshmallows wrapped in small groupings (you can label them "Snowman Poop", chocolate santas, candy coal, york peppermint patties, peppermints
  • St. Patty's Day: shamrock mints, gold coin chocolates, candied shamrocks
  • Halloween: bundles of candy corn, Reese's pumpkins, ghost candies, licorice, bat mix, candy blood
  • Easter: cadbury eggs, peeps, easter egg tootsie pops, foiled eggs, pastel candies, chocolate bunnies
  • Valentine's Day: heart shaped candies in pink and red, sweethearts, red hots, chocolate covered cherries, valentine candy corn
  • 4th of July: red, white, and blue candies, crunch bars, star shaped candies, gummy army guys, pop rocks, fireballs, patriotic swirl suckers
Other favorites to throw in according to a color scheme are:
  • suckers
  • jelly beans
  • laffy taffy
  • rock candy
  • gummy bears
  • candy sticks
  • bulk chocolates
  • life savers
  • jolly ranchers
  • jordan almonds
  • pez dispensers
  • jaw breaker
  • swizzle sticks

Not Just Candy!

Worried about giving your guests too many sweets in one sitting? Try filling your pinata with a variety of trinkets! Here are a few of our favorite alternatives to give kids instead of candy:
  • stickers (everyone loves stickers!)
  • small erasers
  • toy cars
  • tiny kush balls
  • bouncy balls
  • yo-yo's
  • giggle sticks
  • balloons
  • slap braclets
  • rings
  • palm paddle balls
  • necklaces
  • silly putty
  • green army men
  • mini rubik's cube
  • silly putty
  • mini slinkies
  • legos
  • wax lips
  • set of jax
  • whoopie cushions
  • glitter balls
For more adult themed parties:
  • single serving liquor bottles
  • gift cards
  • mardi gras beads
  • movie tickets
  • bottle openers
  • keychains
  • lottery tickets
  • glow sticks
  • stick on mustaches

After you have busted open your pinata, you may be looking at a candy massacre in your yard or in your living room.  A quick way to clean it all up is to give all your guests small "to-go" candy bags and have them fill their bags with the items of their choosing.  Everyone can walk around and see all of the contents and pick their favorites. Be sure to have a variety! If you are short on time, you can even have a countdown clock for the kids to run out and grab as much candy as the can before time runs out.

The possibilities can stretch as far as your imagination!  If you are having a party for a specific person or topic, then think about something special that will go inside.  Just make sure it can withstand the force of the pinata bat, because you know your guests will be hitting the pinatas with all their might!!

Happy busting!


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