How to put candy in to your pinata
posted Feb 10 2013 by Pinata Casa

In order to make your pinata experience perfect, we like to provide you little bits of helpful information from time to time.  Sometimes during the hectic planning process of a party, it's easy to overlook the small details until the last minute.  Preparing the pinata for a party sometimes becomes that small element that is rushed at the end of the all the planning.  Here are few things we recommend in preparing your pinata.

Why our pinatas are sealed

All pinatas from Pinata Casa come to you completely sealed.  This means that there are no openings that have been previously cut in to your pinata.  We do this for several reasons.  When we leave the pinata completely sealed, we are taking just one more step in insuring the integrity of your pinata order.  If we were to cut in a hole, the chances of your pinata coming to you damaged increases; and we like for your order to be perfect!  Also, because our pinatas are so unique and some pinata choices are custom orders, we let the purchaser decide the best location for cutting the hole.  You have taken the time to order a party accessory that is the most fitting for your occasion, and so we believe that you are also going to take the same care in how you cut in to your pinata and how you fill it.

How to cut the candy hole

In order to fill your pinata, we recommend a hole that is about 3" to 4" across.  This generally the best size because it is large enough to fill with most kinds of candies and trinkets, but small enough to easily conceal.  Here is what we at Pinata Casa have found to be the best method in filling your pinata:

1. Imagine the finished "hole" is actually in the shape of a square.

2. Using a magic marker, or pen, draw a square somewhere near the top of you pinata.  (This is where your personal preference will come in.  Once you have received your pinata, you can see where the best possible location will be.)  Make sure your square is 3" to 4" long on each side.  

3. WITH ADULT SUPERVISION: Find a knife, or sharp tool, slowly cut along the marked lines on THREE SIDES ONLY.  If you cut all four sides, the cardboard square will fall in to the abyss of your pinata and will be lost until you break in to your pinata.

4. Once you have cut THREE sides, pull the square towards the outside.  DO NOT PUSH IT IN.  This just makes the square harder to put back in to place.

5. NOW FILL YOU PINATA WILL ALL YOUR AMAZING CANDY AND PRIZES!  This is the best part. Pinata fillings are as endless as your imagination.  We recommend filling your pinata with candy and trinkets that fit the theme of the party and are favorites among your guests.

6. To close your pinata, simply push the square back down to its original location and tape it down.

You're all done! Now go and bust open that pinata!

Remember, our giant custom pinatas hold 10 lbs. of candy, so stock up!  With pinatas this big, everyone at your pinata will be sure to get some delicious candy or fun prizes.

When should I fill my pinata?

This question can be answered by assessing your party's circumstances.

  • What will the weather be like the day of my party?
  • Are we busting the pinata inside, or outside?
  • What time is my party? How many of "prep" things do I need to do the "day of"?
  • Do I have a good place to properly store my pinata?
If you party is taking place during a hot afternoon, we definitely don't recommend you filling your pinata and then leaving it out in the sun. Unless you have completely filled your pinata with heat resistance candy or objects, you could have a giant, melted mess on your hands. We always recommend storing your pinata in a cool, dry place.  Just think about where you would store the candy that you bought for the occasion, and follow the same principles for storing your pinata.  

Also, don't wait until the last minute! If you are having a breakfast, brunch, or early afternoon gathering, perhaps you should consider filling the pinata the night before.  It's always great to have "one less thing" to take care of on the day of a party.  We know small issues will always arise! If your party is later in the afternoon or in the evening, then filling your pinata that morning should work out just fine! Always follow a list and small timeline to ease any stress.  We know being the host or hostess of a party can be stressful at times, and any help is always welcomed. And just remember: if you are stressed in your planning, you will soon be able to take out all your frustrations on the pinata! 

The pinata that you have received for your occasion is special and we understand you care in considering one of ours. If you have any questions about your pinata, just ask!  We strive to make your pinata experience smashing!

Happy busting!


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