The Lovely Holiday
posted Jan 07 2013 by Pinata Casa

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  That time of year where love is everywhere.  In drug stores, malls, and supermarkets across the nation, the colors of red and pink seem to have been vomited on to every surface by holiday elves recovering from Christmas.  Valentine’s Day is a unique holiday.  Some say it is created for consumers to buy stuff that they don’t need, but we believe it’s a day to celebrate the people you love!  Platonic love. Romantic love. Puppy Love. True Love. Party Love.  We celebrate it all!

Our pinatas hold 10 lbs. of sweet and delicious Valentine's Day Candy!  Planning to propose Valentine's Day? Fill one of our giant pinatas with your bride to be's favorite candy and place the ring inside as well.  That will truly be a unique engagement story!


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