Holiday Swap Parties!

Are you trying to think of unique party ideas this year? Try having “swap” parties! From cookies and pies to cocktails and punches, every
family has their own beloved, special recipe that they look forward to every year.  This fun party idea is great for every guest that is invited to the party. Everyone can be asked to bring a favorite item to share and everyone will get to enjoy a little piece of a special family secret.  

Benefits of the swap party

The holidays can be overwhelming; it’s just a fact of life.  When the weather turns cold, every host and hostess starts wondering what they can do for holiday parties this time of year and how their party can stand out and be unique.  Parties this time of year are held for friends and family, the young and old, or a combination of all. What’s great about having a swap party is that the pressure of providing all of the food or drinks is not all on you!  The main focus of a swap party is for everyone to contribute to the party food or drink and share a special story about their recipe. 

Cleaning up after a swap party is a piece of cake; literally!  When everyone brings their recipe in to the party, your guests will get to sample a little bit of everything that there is to offer.  By the end of the party, everything should be gone.  If you have a few leftovers, divide them as evenly as possible among your guests and they will be able to take home some delicious treats.  If you are trying to think of party favors, set aside a recipe of your own that you will be able to wrap appropriately and send home with your guests.  No matter how much food is eaten, everyone will get a special treat to take home.

Tips for the table

If your swap party is food based...  be sure to make a special note on the invitation of exactly what your guests will expect in terms of food when they come.  If it is a dessert party, provide a few snacks that are not of the sweet nature.  Dessert is wonderful, but may be overwhelming if it is the only food provided. Depending on what kind of food is being served, large plates may be ideal for your guests.  With a large plate, everyone can get a little bit of everything.  Have your guests make the portions a little bit smaller than usual so that people don't fill up too quickly on one kind of food.

If your swap party is beverage based... be sure to provide food!  If you are having a cocktail or holiday punch swap party, then food should be given to your guests so that aren't drinking anything on an empty stomach.  Small cups or cocktail glasses are great for giving out small portions.  Shot glasses can even be ideal depending upon the amount of people coming, even if there is no alcohol in the drinks.  Little sips of delicious drinks can allow your guests to sample everything.  If there is a particular drink or cocktail they prefer the most, than can serve themselves a full drink.  Remember, if you are over 21, please drink responsibly!

As a host, make the access easier to the items being swapped by laying everything out on a large table.  One of the great things about this party is that you can eat or drink in any order that you wish and you can sample everything. In terms of your table decorations, this is where your creativity will come in to play.  You can really make your table pop by decorating according to the season.  Have blank labels ready for your guests so that they can label what they brought.  Be sure to check with your guests about any allergies that they may have. 

Add in the holiday fun!

Holiday swap parties are really great because they are a relaxing time with friends and family during the hectic holiday season.  With your food and beverages taken care of by multiple people, you can sit back and spend quality time with everyone.  A stress free party provides the chance to have some quality conversation with everyone invited.  Family favorite holiday games and activities can be played during your party as well; the possibilities are endless.  From the young to the old, there are so many options for entertaining your guests.

If you party is for a younger crowd, try things like:

For adults

Something that is great for party goers of all ages is having a pinata! Our pinatas large enough to hold 10 lbs. of holiday fun and cheer!  A pinata not only provides a great party activity, it doubly serves as festive party decor until you are ready to bust it open.  If you are trying to find that unique pinata for your party, let us know what you have in mind and will we work with you to make your pinata stand out.

We all love the holiday season because we get to spend time with the ones we love.  From friends to family, it’s that special time of year that we can sit back and relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Provide a great party for your nearest and dearest where they can share those special holiday recipes with one another.


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