I want a pinata, but it is cold outside!
posted Nov 02 2012 by Pinata Casa

So you are having a party and you wanted to throw in a pinata. Excellent idea!  But now it is the cold winter season and your guests would like to stay indoors at all costs. Have no fear!  Pinatas can be used any time of year.  With a few simple tips, your next party can be a success no matter what the temperature might be.

Make room for your pinata

When people imagine a holiday party they typically think of it taking place indoors, and it does not have to be snowing outside to make your guests want to stay in the warmth.  For the safety of all of your guests, plan out the pinata busting ahead of time.  When the time comes, be sure to have all of your guests stand back with at least a 10 ft. radius from the person with the bat.  Once a pinata bat is placed in a guests hands the competition is on and everyone may feel quite competitive, especially is they have had a few cups of egg nog.  Keeping everyone away from the swinger will ensure that no one will accidentally be injured by the pinata bat.

Holiday parties are held in a variety of locations: homes, offices, restaurants, clubs, ect.  To ensure that no valuables are broken, take the time to survey the room and remove anything close to the "pinata zone".  If you are in your own home, a giant mess is the last thing you will want to clean up.  For parties in offsite locations, just remember that someone has most likely placed a security deposit down for damages.  A pinata bat can do a lot of damage if the bat swinger gets a little off course. 

Where do I hang it?

As everyone knows, pinatas are designed to hang down from an apparatus, such as a pole or tree.  If you are indoors, don’t worry about this issue because you have several options. One option is to find an area built in to your home that you can tie the pinata string around.  If you have a support beam or a well anchored pole, our piñatas will hang perfectly.  If you need to create a support system for the piñata, be sure to that it is well weighted at the bottom.  Our piñatas are very large and hold 10 lbs. of candy.  If you have 10 lbs. of something swinging through the air, the last thing you want to happen is have it come crashing down on you. 

Say you live in a small space and swinging at one of our pinatas is just not an option.  That’s okay!  Our pinatas can come with a pull string option to release a shower of candy and surprises upon your guests.  Sometimes for indoor parties, this may be the best option since everyone may be crowded together in a small space.  Party goers may also appreciate that you won’t be giving a pinata bat to a guest who has celebrated the holiday season with extra zest.



We cover all holidays!

No matter what your religion is or how you celebrate the holiday season, Pinata Casa has options for you!  If you don’t see a holiday pinata in our catalogue that you like or one that fits the theme of your party, just let us know and we will work with you to create the perfect pinata for you.  And as we said before, our pinatas are huge! They hold 10 lbs. of candy will add the perfect touch to your next soiree.  Pinata Casa celebrates everything under the sun because: who doesn’t like to have a party?! 



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