Gobble! Gobble!
posted Oct 30 2012 by Pinata Casa

The Thanksgiving feast is almost an American sport.   We prepare, we have strategy about the path through the food table, and some even train for their food intake by “stretching” their stomachs in the days before. 

Surviving the day

Whether you are hosting the feast or just attending, Thanksgiving can be extremely stressful for some people.  In order to make it through the day relatively in one piece, here are a few tips to help you cope with the unforeseen situations.

  • Plan! Plan! Plan!
    • “Make a list and check it twice!” is not just for Santa Claus.  There is nothing more frustrating while you are preparing a pie than to discover you are short a can of condensed milk or just shy about a half a cup of flour.  Be sure to review ALL your recipes and buy just a little extra for good measure. Since Thanksgiving is such a well celebrated holiday, some guests tend to stay longer than just one day and any extra food on hand won’t hurt. Also, many if not all grocery stores will close by dinner time and those last minute food runs may not be possible.
  • Easy on the alcohol
    • Yes, this is a holiday.  No, you did not need to get hammered.  Not only does too much alcohol make you sleepy before a meal, you risk the lives of others if you chose to drive.  Holidays tend to see a rise in alcohol related crashes, so please be mindful of just how many glasses of wine you had along with your turkey and pie. 
  • Family issues
    • One of the best things about your family is that they are your family! But, at times this can be a bad thing as well.  You are not alone if you have to think about how you want to avoid the overly nosy aunt or the uncle who has too much beer around the turkey fryer and feels the need to weigh in on current events.  Remind yourself that you are gathering together to be thankful for such things as family and many people around the country may be having to spend the day alone.  And if someone in your family is really unbearable, just remember : It’s only one day.
  • Pace your food intake
    • Thanksgiving should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint.  It can be really easy to smell the delicious pies and turkey while they are cooking for hours, and promptly pile your plate with mounds of classic family recipes.  To be sure that you aren’t moaning on the couch within minutes after eating try to maintain some portion control with your favorite dishes.  Many holiday recipes are filled with heavy creams and seasonings, so go slow at first.  Pick your favorite dishes, but choose smaller sizes so that you are not overwhelming your system.   Pinata Casa is in full support of second trips to the buffet table, so be sure to make room in your stomach for such scenario.  One the best things about Thanksgiving is that you can eat all day so maybe save a piece of pie for watching the football game after you have had time to let your first rounds of food settle.
  • Football is crucial!
    • We don’t have to tell you what most people are doing on Thanksgiving.  Football may as well be listed as another dessert, because almost everyone wants a piece of it on Thanksgiving Day.  Be sure that your TV and cable systems are working and you have back up cables or power sources just in case.  Winter weather tends to hit around this time of year in many parts of the country, so have a plan B in case of a temporary cable loss or power outage.

What to put in your pinata?

We always love the idea of candy falling from the sky.  Who doesn’t?  But considering your pinata busting will take place during a day of massive food intake, consider adding in a few “Thanksgiving Appropriate” contents to your pinata:

  • Wet wipes
  • Travels sizes of antacids
  • Eye masks for the post turkey nap
  • Single shot liquor bottles (for the adults)

Our pinatas are huge!  They hold 10 lbs. of candy, so your possibilities are endless with what you could place inside them.  Two of our favorite pinatas for this holiday are out Thanksgiving turkey pinata and football.  Have something special in mind?  We can work with you to make the perfect party addition for your holiday feast.


So please enjoy your holiday safely and with a sound mind because this day comes but once a year! 


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