Party Animals!
posted Sep 23 2012 by Pinata Casa

From an early age, kids love and are fascinated by animals!  For your next party, try throwing a party that will bring kids closer to the animal kingdom. It can be both a fun and educational day for kids of all ages.

Which route to go

For parties that are centered on animals, one has so many options to work with! 

For the adventurous and brave parents, take your kids to your city’s zoo!  Many times, city zoos will have group rate discounts.  If you have a good ratio of parents to kids, this party can be a breeze to plan and fun for everyone involved.  It can be hard to prepare a party at home sometimes, especially with busy fall schedules, so why not take your kids to the party? The variety of animals at most zoos is quite extraordinary and kids of all ages are going to love seeing everything from lions to lizards, and birds to bears. Some kids have only seen certain exotic animals in books or on TV.  Seeing such fascinating creatures in real life can be a real joy and treat for any child!

If you want an animal party at home, consider a petting zoo! True, the animals may not be as exotic as the zoo, but with this party idea kids can actually touch the animals, and that's very cool! To help bring the exotic animal element to your party, try one of our pinatas!  Our pinatas from the wild kingdom hold 10 lbs. of candy and are great for bringing the jungle to life.  If you have a particular animal creature you would like to bring to life, say your child's favorite, we can work with you to make the perfect pinata. 

With a party at home, this is also a great time to add in the element of costumes!  Encourage everyone to come dressed as their favorite animal.  It can be really fun to see who comes dressed as which animal.  It not only adds a fun element to your party, but it gives a chance for kids to work with their own creativity!  

Jungle snacks

The food table at an animal party can be really fun to plan out.  If you are going to a location, see if you can bring in easily portable snacks in to the zoo.  Many times a zoo will have a party room specifically designed for parties.  Rooms like these, or even outdoor picnic tables allow you to bring some of your favorite foods from home.  To tie in to the animal theme, try bringing items such as animal crackers and gummy worms.  A great way to recreate an animal in a yummy way is have your cake or cupcakes tied in to the animal.  Are snakes the reptile of choice these days?  Have a bakery make a snake cake and iced in the colors of your child's favorite snake.  Maybe your child loves pigs?  Then have cupcakes that are pink with two marshmallows as the nose!  This part of the planning is all about incorporating the animal du jour with your own imagination. 

If you are having your animal bash at home, try combing a food genre with what animals you can have come to your home and what will cater best to your child and their friends.  For example:

  • Breakfast and Bunnies
  • Snacks and Snakes
  • Pizza and Parrots
  • Pizza and Ponies
  • Goodies and Goats
  • Pies and Piggies

Your possibilities are endless!

Don’t turn your party in to a zoo

Anytime you have a party that requires a change in location, such as traveling to a zoo, or one that is unique and brings in animals, kids can get wound up fairly quickly.  In order to avoid an afternoon of crazy kids, remind them to stay calm as much as possible for the sake of the animals.  If they are too loud and wild, the animals could become scared or agitated.  Not only will your kids want to keep the animals happy, they in turn will be calm themselves.  Make sure to acknowledge your children’s good behavior; it isn’t easy staying calm around their favorite animals.


Your own little animals are going to love this party theme!  


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