A Night Under the Stars - The at Home Camping Trip

Before life's hectic fall schedule gets in to full swing, have your kids have one last summer sleep over with their friends!  The weather is still warm enough to have a "camp out", which can always be fun and exciting for kids of all ages.

Camping Trip at Home!

Your own backyard can be the perfect setting for this unique slumber party theme. Both boys and girls will love spending a night under the stars, creating a fun and memorable time for everyone.  "Camping" items that are essential for a successful night are:

  • Tents
  • Pillows
  • Blankets (in case it gets chilly!)
  • Mats for a cushier night's sleep
  • Lanterns/Flashlights
  • Bug Spray
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Bottled water
A great benefit of camping at home, is that you are home!  If you forget something crucial, someone gets scared during the night, or inclimate weather pops up, the safety of your home is just feet away.  With the warmth of summer nights fading quickly, use this time to let your kids create some great memories with their best friends.

Grub for the evening

Planning a menu for a camping slumber party is both easy on your budget and easy on the picky palates of kids.  Camping out instantly brings to mind some classic food items that are easy to assemble and enjoyed by kids of all ages.  For you evening under the stars, offer your kids and guests these delicious goodies:
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Baked beans
  • Chips
  • Fruit
  • Pre-made tacos wrapped in foil
  • S'mores
One of the great things about all of these favorites foods is that they can be prepared through a variety of heat sources: camp fire, grill, or even inside!  Plan what food method will work best for you and have fun planning out some of your favorite snacks.  To fit in with the nature theme, add in gummy worms and gummy bears as a late night snack. For animal safety, be sure to clean up ALL food scraps before everyone calls it a night.  Even if you are in your own backyard, some cities have critters that will seek out your delicious food and try to enjoy it for themselves.

Imagination time!

Camping and story telling go hand in hand.  Stories can range from funny to scary, short to long.  When you are inviting guests over, tell them to be thinking of their favorite story that they will want to share around the campfire.  Be cautious of the age group of your audience! The last thing you want to do as a host is send young kids to bed in a tent after a super scary story.  If anyone kid seems uneasy after a story, end the night with a funny joke; this will help everyone have a better night's sleep.

To burn off the extra energy that your kids may have from all their camping food, try having them take a swing at a pinata!  

Our pinatas hold 10 lbs of candy!  Everyone will love trying to bust out a midnight candy stash to enjoy in their tents while they swap stories in to the night.  If you are wanting something custom for your camp out, just let us know!  We love to create pinatas that are perfect for you.  You are using your imagination in planning such a fun slumber party and you should use that imagination in planning out the perfect pinata!

Nighttime Safety

Don't let a great evening get spoiled by a bug bite or an accident in the dark!  Be sure to follow all safety tips and rules just as you normally would if you were camping out in the country.  If you are considering a small campfire in your back yard, check with your city's fire safety laws to avoid any accidents and have a responsible adult near the fire at all times to avoid any major accidents or mishaps.  A burn or out of control fire can quickly became a bad situation.  If a campfire isn't an option, a grill will work fine for preparing any food.  If you are wanting the "campfire" feel for a story time, a lantern can work just as well.

For a peace of mind for your littlest guests, make sure everyone knows the route to the nearest bathroom and that it can be easily found during the night! If your kids choose to sleep outside for the whole night, some guests could wake up a little disoriented and having a well lit area by your house can be very helpful for them.  If anyone gets scared, reassure them before they head out in to their tents that they can always come inside and sleep on a couch.

Camping with your friends and family is a special night that no one will forget.  Use your own backyard as a playground for memories! 

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