Play Ball!
posted Jul 31 2012 by Pinata Casa

One of America’s favorite sports is baseball and there is no doubt that this classic sport is beloved by both the young and old.  Whether it’s a baseball party for your own little baseball player or you are celebrating the World Series, we want to help make your baseball themed party a home run!

Take me out to the ball game!

A baseball party will be hit for all ages! When you are planning out your party, have fun with all the small details and adding as many small baseball touches as you can.  For your invitations, whether it’s for a birthday party or a watch party, be sure to emphasize the baseball theme. Usually every fan has a favorite team or player.  By asking your guest to wear a jersey or t-shirt to represent their favorites, you not only acknowledge something important to them, you help them get in the festive mood for the party.

Baseball fun

If you are having a baseball themed party, then you are true baseball fan!  What is great about baseball at home is that you do not always need a full team! Make sure you have spare baseball gloves and balls around for your guests to enjoy a small game of catch with one another.  If your party is large enough, play a full game in your yard! Everyone will love getting to be a part of something active and fun.  Playing an inning with your friends can be a great way to relax and have some outside fun.

Another great past time during your party would be to ask or play a game centered around baseball trivia.  It is always fun to see what little facts everyone knows.  If anyone has a baseball card collection, encourage them to bring it along to share with others.  Many guests will love to share their favorite baseball moments or personal experiences with other baseball enthusiasts.

Looking for a way to practicing your swinging skills, other than on the diamond? Try taking a swing at one of our baseball player pinatas! They are a whopping 4 Ft. tall and hold 10 lbs. of candy.  Our baseball player pinatas are the perfect addition to any party.  It can be difficult to try and figure out a way to incorporate your favorite player or team in to the party’s decorations, but these pinatas are a great way to accomplish just that! They can be a part of your décor and help get the guests pumped about the party theme until you are ready to step up to bat and bust out that candy.

Having stadium food at home

Peanuts! Popcorn! Ice cold soda! Stadium food and fare is all a part of the baseball experience and is something you can easily recreate in your own home.   Your food menu can be easy, fun, and delicious.  The classics are crowd pleasers and will be friendly on your budget as well. Try having any or all of these items below at your baseball party:

  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Nachos
  • Pretzels
  • Ice cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • Candy bars
  • Ice cold soda
  • Ice cream floats
  • Cold beer (for those over 21!)

For a baseball themed party, you can also center your cake around the experience as well.  If you are having a large sheet cake, try having a baseball scene recreated on top.  Most cake decorators, or crafty moms, can easily recreate a baseball diamond out of colored icing.  Specialty party supply stores can be great resource for specialty cake toppers.  You can make your own winning game, right on top of the cake!

If you are looking towards cupcakes, there are two great options for presentation depending on your own personal preference.  What is great about these two options is you can have any flavor of cake that you want underneath and the same uniform image on top! For decorating individual cupcakes, go with white icing on top, followed by two lines of red icing to imitate a baseball.  Every party goer will have their own personal baseball to enjoy.  If you want to group your cupcakes together for a large creative image, place your cupcakes all together in the shape of a baseball.  Frost all the cupcakes in white icing and then with red icing, draw out two giant red lines, creating one giant baseball!  It not only looks fabulous, but your guests can walk right up and pick off the cupcake of their choice!


America’s past time is now your party time! Play ball!


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