Back to School Blues
posted Jul 28 2012 by Pinata Casa

The end of summer is fast approaching and school will be getting back in to session before you know it! Even though it can be very easy to start to feel a little blue about this wonderful time of year slipping away, don't let that get you down.  Sometimes by having a something end on a positive not, it can help make it become that much more special; let summertime be one of those things!

End with a bang

Having a party to celebrate the end of summer and the start of new season seems almost essential.  The fall can get busy rather quickly with school, sports, and family obligations quickly taking over the calendar.  As excited as we all are about a fresh school year, saying goodbye to this fun and hot season can be bitter-sweet.

To honor the summer holiday, try adding one of our summer season pinatas to your party!  They are perfect for the end of summer bash and hold 10 lbs. of candy; the perfect amount for parties both large and small. Our pinatas are great for all ages and everyone will enjoy one last hoorah with one.   Nothing defines a summer party quite like outdoor fun, pinatas included!

Write down your memories

Summertime is such a special time of year.  The days are filled with fun trips and sweet treats, the sun sets later, and everyone gets to stay out just little bit longer.  Before the memories fade away, take the time to write down your favorite parts with your family.  Kids will have so much fun reminiscing about their favorite parts and can help give you the parent ideas for next year.

If you are having a final party with your friends, go around in a circle and tell what your favorite summer memory was this year.  Sometimes a summer season can put friends on different schedules, so take the time to share and savor your travels and moments with others.

Farewell to summer treats

Even though you can enjoy a tropical menu any time throughout the year, you might as well enjoy some while it’s still hot outside! For your guests, create a menu that is a salute to summer:

  • Fruit slushies
  • Ice cream treats
  • Popsicles
  • Tropical fruits
  • Caribbean fare
  • Coke floats

If you had a luau or swimming party earlier in the summer, use this chance to display your tropical party décor one last time.  Palm trees, suns, flowers, beach balls, and flip flops are the perfect symbols of summertime.  Try to work these symbols in to your dessert shapes or table décor. If you have younger kids are your party, you can make homemade sand pit in your yard for one last sand castle contest!


It’s never easy to say good bye to the warm and inviting time that is summer. This charmed season makes long lasting memories; so take a moment before school starts and savor the end of summer.


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