Happy People Hit Pinatas

Did you know that happier people live on average 9 years longer? Here at Pinata Casa, one of our many goals is to make your pinata experience as happy as possible!  Pinatas bring a unique charm to any gathering.  They can be a new addition to a family tradition or conjure up some wonderful childhood memories for others.

At your next party, we challenge you to watch someone take a swing at a pinata and not smile.  It’s such a fun activity!  The human brain releases endorphins every time a person smiles.  Endorphins “are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters.  They resemble opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being”[1]. In short, they are happy chemicals made by the brain to make you feel good! If you are taking a hit at piñata and you smile, then it can be concluded that hitting pinatas make people happy!

Take a Swing at These!

Pinata Casa loves to work with our customers to create the perfect custom creation.  We love hearing your ideas and expressing creativity on what you would like to do with your pinata.  We know you are taking the time out of your busy party planning schedule to work on coming up with the perfect pinata for your party and we want to make sure you are a happy customer.  We love sharing our party ideas and tips with you and encourage you to use your imagination for all of your parties!

Along with custom creations, we have a huge variety of pinatas from our catalog.  For your next party, consider adding a one of our traditional Mexican pinatas to add to the festivities.  Our pinatas are bigger than the average pinata and will make any guest happy.  They hold 10lbs of candy and can accommodate parties from small to large.

We look forward to being a party of your special day!

Sources: www.wikipedia.org

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