A Party for Your Super Hero: Batman
posted Jul 15 2012 by Pinata Casa

Batman is a beloved and classic super hero that is deserving of a celebration in his honor! And you don’t have to be a citizen of Gotham City to appreciate how awesome he is at fighting the bad guys.  Are you considering a Batman themed event?  Below is a list of times that are great to incorporate this party idea:

  • Birthday party
  • Graduation
  • Pre-party before seeing the most recent movie
  • A movie marathon to re-watch all the old versions of Batman, both from movie and television
  • A Tuesday

Anytime is a great time to honor this American Super Hero legend and getting ready for this party will be exciting and will be an adventure for everyone who attends!  

To help set the tone, try making your invitations to resemble a comic book style of lettering and wording.  Party invitations help create the foundation of any party and with a Batman party, you can’t go wrong with sending out a retro, comic book style invite.  You guests will be dying to come!

Making the Bat Cave

One of the coolest parts about Batman, is his Bat Cave!  Try creating a Bat Cave of you own; it is not as hard as it sounds.  First, make sure you mark your party location appropriately.  Large black, plain balloons are the perfect marker.  If you budget allows and your party is at night, make your Bat Signal.  Be sure to aim the light on to your garage to not interfere with other lights in the sky; we wouldn’t want to confuse Batman.  Also, be sure to check with your neighbors and see if the light is bothersome. 

Inside, decorate everything in black: streamers, balloons, plates, cups, ect.  For a splash of color, choose bright colors like yellow, red, green, and blue. To add a personal touch to your party, have character masks ready for your guests to wear.  This help with the festive feeling and everyone can choose their favorite character.  You could also encourage everyone to come in costume to represent their favorite character!  Even though Batman is the hero, sometimes people will route for the villain, and with so many characters available from the comic book storyline, both men and women have characters to choose from!

For background music while guests arrive, have different theme songs from the different generations of shows and movies rotating quietly in the background.  Everyone will get in to the party mood once they hear their favorite versions.  Music can take you back to a certain place in time and this can be a great way to conjure up those favorite childhood memories of Batman.

What Would Batman Eat?

This party theme is so diverse that you can just pick your favorite party foods and easily work them in the event.  If you are going with any sort of cupcakes, cake balls, or snacks that could hold “label toppers”, try making labels that say things from the classic Batman TV show: “BAM!”, “WOW!”, “POW!”, ect.  Create these labels in bright colors and everyone will instantly remember their favorite episodes from when they are kids.  For more tips on creating an awesome food table, look at The Party Dress party planning website.  If any of your snacks require a sidekick, don’t forget to name it after Batman’s favorite sidekick Robin.

For the drinks at your party, have fun with creating a punch named after a classic character.  Blue colored punch? Try labeling after Mr. Freeze! Green or red punch? Then Poison Ivy is a good route to go.  If you can find a dark colored punch, then you need to name it after Cat Woman or The Penguin!  Take the time look back through your favorite storylines and have fun working them in to your menu. Your menu is all about personal taste, so start with what you love to eat and drink, and then work on the names later.

Party time!

Now that all of your guests have arrived, here are a few tips to keep the party flowing.  Even if your party is not a "watch party" to catch up on old episodes, it would still be a good idea to have the old episodes and movies rotating in the background.  If you have the time and equipment, try editing together your favorites scenes so that one particular movie isn't playing the entire time.  This will give your guests a chance to catch a 3-5 minute clip if they choose, but they won't feel like they got sucked in to the entire movie.  Try rotating between the movie and TV versions.  Some people may not have seen some of the other versions and they can be a great conversation piece.

For the true enthusiast, try a game of Batman trivia! It can be really fun to see who knows the most about this beloved hero.  If the party is geared more towards kids, incorporated your favorite party games, but with a Batman twist!  If a game requires teams, have them divide in to heros and villains and let them take on their favorite character.  Games that are themed toward Batman can be great for both adults and children.  You are already throwing a party about a comic book hero, so chances are every one who attends will be in the light hearted mood to have a great time!

Even a Super Hero loves a Pinata!

No party is complete without a pinata, even if it is for a superhero! Our Batman pinata is a whopping 4 ft. tall and holds 10 lbs. of Gotham City’s sweetest candy.  If you are wanting to take a swing at your favorite villain, just let us know and we will work with your to create the perfect pinata after your favorite bad guy.

A party honoring a classic and favorite super hero will be a fun and unique party for you and your friends!  It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone loves to honor their childhood classics.  

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