Be safe on the 4th of July!
posted Jun 26 2012 by Pinata Casa

One of the great American holidays is the 4th of July.  It makes for the perfect, mid-summer get together with friends and family and creates fabulous new memories each and every year.  Despite being an enjoyable holiday, the 4th of July can come with some dangers, like high temperatures and the use of fireworks.  Make sure you take the time to brush up on your safety tips and party checklist; don’t let this holiday became disaster!

Using fireworks in a safe manner

Fireworks can be an absolutely breathtaking and wonderful experience to share with both family and friends.  On the flip side, fireworks can be hazardous and need to be handled under caution and control.  Every year, over the 4th of July holiday, thousands of accidents occur and accidental fires are started by the misuse of fireworks.  Don’t let yourself be one of these statistics!  A great resource concerning firework safety is the American Pyrotechnics Association.  Whether you are handling just a few sparklers in your yard or putting on a full production, be sure to check and see what your state’s laws are concerning the use of fireworks.  Preparing and reviewing a safety checklist is also a great idea.  Review the safety tips and family rules with your kids and close ones and have everyone be on the same page with what is considered proper use and what is not.  With the temperatures high and greenery dry, you don’t want to have a good time quickly turn in to a tragedy.

If you are going to have minors around your fireworks, please double check that there is a responsible adult around to supervise.  Kids can be unpredictable and fireworks are very alluring. If handled improperly, then serious injury and even death could occur.  If you are going to set off fireworks, make sure you choose dry, flat ground away from greenery as your launching point and never stand directly over the firework.  Be safe!

Keep your pinata candy cool!

If you are busting one of our pinatas, be sure to keep it indoors until you are ready! Temperatures outside will soar as the day progresses and if you have candy inside your pinata, and that pinata sits outside all day, it could melt before you are ready to enjoy it. Our pinatas, like the eagle and the number four each hold 10 lbs. of candy and that sounds like a big mess if it melts!  Keep that special pinata indoors until you are ready to bust it.

If your space is big enough, you could bust your pinata indoors to keep everyone cool.  However, sometimes outdoors is the best option, so look for a shaded spot for everyone to stand under while they take their turns swinging at the pinata.  You do not want your company to melt as well!

When the heat sets in...

Heat exhaustion can sneak up on anyone before they realize it, no matter their age.  Getting even a mild case of heat stroke can put a huge damper on your holiday, so be prepared with these basic tips:

•       HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Keep pushing fluids throughout the day
•       Have both water and sports drinks available to you and your guests and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol

•       For outdoor parties, invest in water misters and large fans to keep everyone cool
•       Make trips to the shade as often as you can
•       Take the time to acclimate to the heat
•       Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Party time tips

It’s party time!  4th of July parties are exciting to plan and even more fun to attend.  If you are having people over for a party, consider having it both indoor and outdoor.  Although the occasional summertime party is better kept as an “outdoor only” party, Americans both young and old will be celebrating this holiday and may need an indoor place to keep cool.  Children and the elderly are quicker to dehydrate and may need more shade (and air-conditioning!) throughout the day.

Décor is an easy for this holiday: red, white, and blue! Be sure to decorate at will with American flags and our American colors to really help every guest get in the mood of celebrating our country’s freedom.  For food, grilling out and potlucks are wonderful ideas no matter the size of your party.  Being a holiday all about America, the perfect food routes to go with are hot dogs, hamburgers, casseroles, chips,
desserts, and sodas.  You can’t get more “American” than that!

Your 4th of July soiree can be a huge success if you are properly equipped and organized. Be safe! Stay cool! Have a blast on your 4th
of July!



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