The Outer Space Party and How to Planet
posted Jun 20 2012 by Pinata Casa

Let’s take your party to the next level: out of this world! Whether you are looking for a new birthday party theme or an unique idea to celebrate something special for your kids, try the Outer Space route! It will surely make wonderful memories and have everyone’s imaginations flying.

Getting your stars aligned

Planning your party with this theme gives you unbounded promise for a good time! To help set the tone, make sure your invitations are clearly space themed.  You could choose anything from planets to spaceships and invite your guests to join you on an adventurous exploration for the day. Both men and women are astronauts, so recreating our solar system can be enchanting and inspirational if you are looking for a gender-neutral celebration. 

Everyone, especially kids, like coming to a party where they feel like they have stepped in to another world; no pun intended that time.  Part of the excitement of a party with a theme is getting to embellish your ideas through decorations! With just a little time and vision you can recreate a space station, rocket ships, planets, and outer space itself. Be sure to use a lot of colors in your décor.  Our solar system looks like a rainbow fashioned of planets, stars, and natural gases and you will want to enhance that throughout the room. For the effect of stars, (because you need stars!), you can place clear Christmas lights along the ceilings and walls against black material.  Even if your party is in the daytime, you can turn off your lights and they will glow bright enough to look like outer space.

Exploring the food table

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the decorations.  For your party, you can create a menu that fits effortlessly with your own tastes and easily incorporate the theme by using fun titles to label your snacks. When you decide on what you are going to serve, take notice to the shape of the food and work with outer space titles from there.  Anything completely round could be labeled planets, meteorites, or asteroids.  Serving onion rings or looped candy? Change the name to Saturn’s rings! Having cookies? Use space shaped cookie cutters and decorate with colorful icing.  You can even label your entire table “Space Food” and all the kids will feel like they eating just like their heroes.

The beverages can be just as fun!  Punch is a popular to serve at large parties because it makes a large quantity and becomes great for self-serving.  Once you pick out a favorite punch, change the name to Rocket Fuel or Alien Goop. If you are serving sodas or water, you can do the same thing by wrapping the drinks in decorative paper.  Brainstorm for originality will have everyone enjoying the menu even more.   

Astronauts and Aliens?

The next question you need to ask yourself is: will we allow aliens at this party? The option of having aliens will give the opportunity for kids be in two different kinds of costumes.   A great way to get them in to the theme is to provide them with space suits or rocket packs if they chose to be astronauts, or green ears or antennas if they want to dress up as aliens.  If you don’t have the time to make the accessories before had, save cardboard boxes and decorative supplies in the weeks prior to the party and you can have the kids decorate for themselves.  This provides a fun and artistic activity for them as well!  You can also encourage the children to come in costume; it’s always fun to see what kids can come up with on their own using their ingenuities.

No matter which side they choose, aliens and astronauts both love participating in games!  Hitting a piñata is always a classic past time, no matter what planet you are from, and our Rocket and Moon piñatas are perfect!  They each hold 10 lbs. of candy and you could even fill the them with candy that has a space theme.  If you want something a little bit more custom, we could build you an Alien piñata too!        


Make sure all of your games are ideal for including everyone.  Some perfect games you could play are “Don’t Drop the Asteroid” and “Catch the Alien”.   To have the kids burn off extra energy, have a space themed obstacle course.  If your budget allows, really help the kids feel like they are in outer space by renting a moon bounce house!  Keeping the kids involved with the space theme throughout the day will make a lasting impression on them. Who knows maybe one will become an astronaut one day!


You have picked a great party idea by having everyone enjoy our solar system for the day.  The outer space theme lets your explore a fresh party idea with a classic childhood dream.  Blast off!!




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