The Modern Day Baby Shower: Revealing Your Baby’s Gender
posted Jun 19 2012 by Pinata Casa

Two of the hardest questions to answer during your pregnancy are: “Do we want to know the sex of the baby?” and, if you find out the gender of your baby:  “who do we tell first?” For some couple’s this may be a no brainer, but for others, with extensive and blended families, the question of who finds out first can be a little overwhelming.  To add a little fun to the process, try having a “gender reveal party”! It takes the pressure off of all parties involved and everyone will enjoy finding out together.

What is it going to be?!

Building up the suspense of the big reveal can be one of the most enjoyable parts of this whole experience.  This party theme can be put together by the couple having the baby, or by someone else, and has one other hidden benefit: boys can come too!  Traditionally regarded as a ‘female only’ party, guys are starting to get more comfortable with the idea of a co-ed baby shower and actually see it as a time to catch up with their friends.  Encourage your significant other to come and enjoy some quality time with your close ones (and stress that the menu won’t be too much frilly food!).

To set the tone for your party, follow a few of the simple tips below:

  • On your invitations, stress that this event is for everyone to learn the sex of the baby. Since people will not be able to provide you with baby clothes, offer for them to bring their favorite children’s book, baby products they find the most useful, or gift cards instead.  The couple will appreciate the more practical gifts and can use the gift cards once they reveal what the baby will be
  • Make sure your decorations are an even distribution of pink and blue and are throughout the entire party
  • Create sign or voting ballot of some kind by the front door for guests to cast their votes when they arrive.  For a personal touch, make a poem on a sign about what the baby might be. Different ways for guests to show their votes:

                - Have a chalkboard divided in two with one side saying ‘BOY’ and the other ‘GIRL’.  The guests can use pink and blue chalk to cast their vote.

                - Pink pins that say “IT’S A SHE!” and blue pins that say “IT’S A HE” for people to wear

                - Pink lips on a stick and a blue mustache on a stick for people to walk around with

                - Ask guests to come in either pink or blue attire, depending on what they think the baby will be

Feeding the gentlemen, as well as the ladies

So are you finding that the guys may be a little hesitant to come to a “baby shower”? Not surprising.  But this problem can be easily fixed with food!  Guys like to eat and they don’t want to attend a party with finger sandwiches and fruit trays.  Gender revealing parties can be a really great theme to have non-traditional shower food that will also feed a large quantity of people. 

Buffet style menus can be easier to prepare for the host and give the party goers multiple options to choose from. Italian, Mexican, and American grills are just a few great ideas. You could even make homemade pizzas that spell out the gender in toppings! With this being a co-ed party, the menu can be far more relaxed than a typical shower.  While you can still have some of the traditional lighter fare for the ladies present, a hefty side to the menu will suit the gentlemen’s tastes too.  

Beverages for this party can be a great way to incorporate the pink and blue decorations.  Make two separate punch bowls, one pink and one blue, and have your guests drink the color they think the gender of the baby is.  You could also provide pink and blue cozy’s for the beers and bottled beverages.

The BIG reveal!

When the time comes to let everyone know about the sex of the baby, be sure to have fun with the big surprise and do something that will be visible to everyone.

  • If you are having a cake made, have the bakery make a layered caked and the icing layers on the inside could be pink or blue.  If you really want the colors to stand out, have the baker make the entire inside of the cake pink or blue with dye
  • Take a giant cardboard box and decorate the outside with “?” and different sayings of your choosing.  Fill the box with either pink or blue balloons and have the couple open the box together.  The balloons will fly out and everyone can see the color!
  • Fill one of our piñatas with either pink or blue candy! Our baby carriage, pacifier, and duck piñatas each hold 10 lbs. of candy; plenty for a big party! Have the guests take turns at the piñata and the suspense will only grow with each swing.


One of the last genuine surprises you get in adulthood is the gender of a baby, so why not have a little fun with it! This party theme is unique; it sets up a great time with your closest friends and family and will make many memories for the years to come.



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