Summertime Blues
posted Jun 14 2012 by Pinata Casa

Is the newness of summertime wearing off?  Are your kids now reaching the “I’m bored!” phase of this season?  With the hot weather, it’s easy to get bogged down and feel uncreative.  Whether you are having a day at home with the kids or a full out soiree with your nearest and dearest, we wanted to share some favorite summer past times and tips to add a little zest to your activities to cure those summertime blues.

Try something new!

What to do? What to do?  Kids love to be active and use their imagination.  It may be tempting to pop in a movie on a hot summer’s day, but below are few great activities that are sure to become some afternoon favorites. 

  • Sidewalk chalk: tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, drawing contests… the possibilities are endless!
  • Water balloon fights
  • Sprinkler party with all the neighborhood kids
  • Sponge ball fights
  • Have your kids gather their favorite outdoor toys and create their own obstacle course
  • No pool? Too hot outside? Have your kids fill up the bathtub, put on their swimsuits, and fill the tub with glow sticks. Turn out the lights and you have a glow in the dark water activity!
  • Make homemade ice cream, snow cones, or popsicles from your favorite drink for a cool treat
  • Create scrapbooks of places around the world that they would like to visit someday
  • Does your child have a particular interest? Nature? Sports? Go to events that interest your child and have them journal about their findings why they love that hobby
  • Encourage your kids to work on a “Summer Carnival” for your own backyard. They can spend time crafting games and prizes and invite your neighbors once it is complete
  • Make homemade kites and take them to the local park on a breezy afternoon
  • Use one of our pinatas as a summertime reward! Maybe for every summer chore your child completes, a few pieces of candy or prizes go in a pot to later place in the piñata. Our Sun, Watermelon, or Lady Bug piñatas each hold 10 lbs. of candy are a perfect fit to the summer


Keeping everyone coooooool and comfy

  • Even if you are indoors, you can definitely tell when a summer afternoon is a scorcher! However, this sweltering season becomes a great opportunity to try out some new cold recipes and tricks to keep everyone comfortable: 
  • Try to create your own homemade ice or popsicles each week with flavors that sound good to you. If you have a party, guests will like having something homemade! 
  • Tired of cereal in the morning? Try a cold fruit smoothie! Summer is a great time of year to find sweet and delicious fruits at your local market. Try a different combination every day! 
  • Serving wine at a party? Freeze grapes prior to serving, then place them in the wine glass when you are ready. They will keep your wine chilled without watering it down 
  • Invest in outdoor water misters! Whether you have company over or want to enjoy a quiet meal on your patio, water misters will provide a refreshing atmosphere 
  • Keep a fresh supply of sunscreen on hand with a good SPF number. It’s best to buy new bottles every summer to get the maximum sun protection 
  • Try to schedule activities for morning or evening to avoid the hottest part of the day: the afternoon! Use your summer vacation to perfect the art of the siesta and have a scheduled naptime for kids 
  • With the kids out of school, catch up on trips the museums and local water parks 
  • Make sure you have a stocked freezer with ice before any party! This is the last item you want to run out of on a hot afternoon 
  • If you are venturing out in the evening, double check that you are bringing along your bug spray

Given the fact that you and your family have probably been counting down the days until your summer break, take the time to make sure you take all the right steps to get the most enjoyment out of the season.  You have been working hard all year and deserve a little summertime rest!



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