Here Comes the Bridal Shower!
posted Jun 12 2012 by Pinata Casa

One of the great things about hosting a bridal shower is that this type of party can happen any time of the year.  You do not have to worry about trying to work with a particular season’s décor or a certain climate; you can host a bridal shower anytime!

Making the bride feel special

This party is more than a theme, it’s an event.  Every bride loves this time of her engagement when the planning is winding down and the festivities are gearing up.  By hosting her bridal shower, you are already helping her feel like the special girl she is and with a few personal touches everyone will really start to feel like the big day is almost here!

Bridal showers can be a great way to incorporate the bride’s personal preferences and all the hard work she has put in to her own planning.  Try to match colors the bride has chosen for the wedding to give the party guests an idea of what the wedding will look like.  A bride would love to see her personal taste flow in to other wedding related events.  For a decoration idea that truly is a personal touch, have a decorative banner that says “The Future Mrs. ____” or have personalized décor with her future new name displayed.  The bride will love feeling like the party is truly focused on the new life she is about to start with her future husband.

Encourage the bride to wear white! This time in a girl’s life is all about making her feel as special as possible and by wearing white, it will only make her feel more and more like a bride and that her day is soon around the corner.

Light snacks for the afternoon

A great way to set the wedding atmosphere is to create delicate and dainty feel; from the décor to the menu you have chosen.  Unlike some other party themes, food and decorations do not have to be a focal point throughout the event. 

Women like to eat lightly at this type of gathering and won’t want anything that has a heavy feel to it.  A good idea is to have your menu as fresh and natural as possible; try serving trays of fruits and vegetables.  They are flavorful and filling but won’t leave the ladies feeling weighed down.  For the sweet tooth of the party, small sized tea cookies and chocolates provide the perfect amount of sweetness.  Generally a cake of some kind is served and your guests may feel overwhelmed by sweets if you provide too many options.

Since weddings are about love and happiness, use your creative side while planning and looking for recipes that reflect the mood of the occasion.  Heart shaped desserts and Hershey’s Kisses will add the “awww” effect to your setting.  A great dip for fruits and vegetables is Love Dip (and it is pink!); perfect for a party made just for girls.  Don’t be afraid to let your romantic side come out while planning all of your small touches to the party.

An engaging setting for the party

While you may know some of the ladies on the guest list, chances are there will be a few women who are invited that you may not know and may be part of the groom’s family.  Take the time to greet each guest in to your home and welcome them warmth.  Perhaps nametags are a good idea if your guest list is on the larger side.  To help distinguish who is related to whom, try pink name tags for the bride’s side of the list and blue name tags for the groom’s side.  This will help your guests distinguish who each other are while mingling.

Since the main reason for a bridal shower is the stock the bride-to-be with new things for starting her new life, opening gifts will be the majority of the party.  As the hostess, either take on the responsibility yourself, or appoint someone close to the bride, to write down what gift she receives and from whom.  This will be a lifesaver for the bride when she sits down to write her thank you notes later.  There is nothing worse for a bride than a gift with no tag or card!

In order to keep your guests engaged, encourage them to send in or bring along a favorite recipe of theirs and corresponding story written on the back of the recipe. During the shower, each person can tell the story about their recipe and why it is special them.  As the hostess, have a premade recipe binder ready to store all of the new recipes for the bride.  Not only does she get to have a one of kind cookbook, she will feel like her recipes have a little history to them and enjoy reading the stories every time she pulls out the cookbook to use.

And let’s not forget that the bride probably wants to take out some of that “wedding planning stress”.  A perfect way to let her and the other guests blow off some steam is with a piñata!  We have  4 ft. tall wedding cake and champagne bottle piñatas that each holds 10 lbs. of candy.  Try having personalized candy made with the bride and groom’s names on the wrappers to put inside the piñata.  It gives you another outlet to use the “Future Mrs. ____” or “Mr. and Mrs.____”. The options are limitless on what you can put on your candy wrapper and it will help the bride feel even more special at her shower.


Enjoy this afternoon of celebration and happiness knowing you have helped the bride feel special by all of your hard work.  She will always remember her bridal shower, but she will forever cherish how special you made her feel by creating such a wonderful day for her.




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