Arrrrggghhh You Ready for a Pirate Party?!

 It can be a tricky task to get boys to participate in a birthday party and even harder to find a unique theme for them.  If you want to throw a party for your son that really stands out, try recreating the Caribbean for your little pirate! With a few creative touches, it will surely be a birthday the little guy will never forget.

Make getting there part of the fun

According to lore, pirates used treasure maps for their adventures to find hidden gold.  You can recreate that excitement with your invitations and really get everyone in the mood before they even arrive.  To do this, create your invitations to resemble a “treasure map” that ends at the party location.  Start your directions at a well-known marker in town, maybe a local grocery store or school, and from there you can guide your guests to the party spot.  Throughout the route you can make drawings of landmarks for people to follow and have a guided line on the roads they will take to get there. To have a definitive ending point, place a big black “X” at the location of the party. To ensure that your guests arrive on time and to avoid any confusion, have a typed up version in the envelope as well, along with a dependable contact number.

No matter what invitation style you choose, add an antique look to it by burning the edges.  It will instantly give it an aged and mysterious appeal.  In the content of the invite, choose wording that will be festive and fit the theme, like “Ahoy, Matey! Bobby’s turning 7!” or “Dare to come walk the plank with Jacob?” These little touches to the invite will help get the kids excited about a party that has the promise of adventure and fun.

Getting in to character

As your son’s friends arrive, help make sure they know that they are there for a swashbucklin’ good time! It’s a good idea to provide a costume accessory at the door that will help them turn them a pirate.  You could try passing out eye patches, pirate hats, and soft pirate swords.  You can also encourage them to come in their favorite pirate costume on the invitation.  The more they feel that everyone there is involved and embracing the idea of being pirates for the afternoon, the more likely they will get in to character and really enjoy themselves.

Theme parties are especially fun for kids when they get to use their imagination and become someone else for the afternoon.  Encourage everyone to come up with a pirate name for the duration of the party and encourage them to use each other’s pirate names when speaking to one another. Don’t forget to make name tags! With so many new pirates running around in pirate gear, it may be easy to get someone confused.

Keeping your pirates occupied

Boys are busy people and they are going to love this party theme.  Not only do they get to pretend to be a timeless character who they love, they can run around and really use their imaginations in the activities you have planned.  A great pirate game that is not only safe, but easy to assemble and play, is to have your pirates walk the plank! All you need for this game is two blocks, low to the ground, and a board wide enough to walk on, placed on both ends of the blocks.  To really set the tone, you can even paint “WALK THE PLANK!” across the board.  With this basic set up, you can create any number of games and activities for the boys to do.

To really expel that energy, we suggest our Pirate Piñata because he is  4 feet tall and he holds 10 lbs. of candy!  Every kid there will enjoy taking the chance to swing at him.  To add a little creativity to the piñata, have the kids come up with a character name for the piñata and maybe a reason why he had to walk the plank! This is great group activity and can really get their mind juices flowing.



The exploration of the food table

Boys will get hungry!  After running around and playing games, the next thing on their mind will be food and a young boy’s birthday party food table needs to avoid one thing: frill. Adventure and mystery is what this party theme is all about, so here are a few tips to make the food table cohesive with the theme  and “cute” by a mother’s standards…. But still adventurous and enticing for the young mates!

  • Pick out a blue punch with your son’s favorite flavors and label it “Sea Water”
  • Create treats of your own imagination and work with pirate terms like “Shark Bait”, “Pirate Booty”, “Pirate Ships”, “Mermaids Tails”, “Pirate’s Gold” and “Fish and Chips”
  • Use the colors red, black, white, and yellow as the dominant décor colors
  • Place small skull and cross bone flags on toothpicks and place in to all appropriate finger foods

To add a personal touch to the party, have your son make his own pirate flag prior to the party to hang above the food table.  This also makes a great indoor/outdoor activity as well. Boys will enjoy making their own pirate flags and they make a great keepsake from the day that they can hang somewhere in their own home.  And don’t forget the party favors! Place party favors of your choosing in a treasure chest by the exit door and while they are on their way home, they will surely feel like they found gold that day. 

You, your son, and his friends will all have a great time with a party idea like this one.  Not only do they get to use their imagination the whole day, you do too!!


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