The Desperate Housewife Party - A Throwback to the Retro Mom
posted May 29 2012 by Pinata Casa

 “By and large, mother’s and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off.  They are the great vacationless class.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

…sounds like a great opportunity for have a party to us!

Have you been trying to come up with a party idea for a girl’s night with fellow moms?  Try a classic 1950’s theme!  This party idea is great because it gives all of your girlfriend’s a much needed night off and enjoy great food and conversation with a unique twist.

Getting the 1950’s feel

When it comes to the supplies needed for this throwback party, your budget (and your husband!) will be thanking you for picking such an easy theme.  Décor can be very minimal and you can enhance your ideas by focusing on the little details.  For a fun and humorous approach to your party, try Anne Taintor products.  This company makes everything from invitations to cocktail napkins and is a great way to lighten the mood while keeping with the imagery of the 1950’s. Their products can set the tone of the party for your guests and are a very affordable and creative.

Another inexpensive source to set the mood is your wardrobe! Encourage your girlfriends to come over in their favorite apron, a poodle skirt, or a cocktail party dress.  If everyone dresses like a 1950’s woman, then you all can feel like you have stepped back in time for the night. After having a full day of running errands and picking up after kids, a woman likes to get dressed up knowing she has a fun and relaxing night ahead of her.

An easy and pleasing menu

Cocktail parties were a big hit in the 1950’s because guests came over expecting a night of delicious snacks and fabulous drink concoctions.  This can be accomplished by anyone, no matter their skill level in the kitchen. For most of the 1950’s housewives, a full dinner was made every evening, so a cocktail party was a great break from the usual time consuming menu. Mothers were no less busy than you are today and a cocktail party menu was ideal for their hectic schedule (just like you!).

Since you are going with such a classic theme, it’s best to keep in synch with a traditional cocktail party menu.  You can create a menu of several different appetizers that are not only easy to assemble, but will fill up your guests.    Try making some of these traditional hor’dourves:

    • Crackers and cheese ball
    • Shrimp cocktails
    • Spiced nut mix
    • Deviled eggs
    • Fruit kebab’s
    • Cream cheese-stuffed celery
    • Potato chips with onion dip
    • Pimento-stuffed olives

If you want to be true to the cocktail theme, Martinis, Harvey Wallbanger’s, and Old Fashioned’s are perfect to serve!  You do not have to be a skilled bartender to create these drink recipes at home and will fit perfectly with your setting. For drink coasters, try using a deck of cards.  Since you will more than likely be serving your cocktails in dainty glasses, they are the perfect and distinctive coaster idea that you probably have on hand.  Card games were a big source of entertainment during dinners and parties in the 1950’s and it’s a great way to incorporate the cards in to your party without sitting down to have a full game.

Now let’s put in a modern twist to your party! Try making your desserts to resemble an object that a 1950’s housewife (and perhaps you!) used daily.  A great Do-It-Yourself website is and they have a delicious recipe for “Spools of Thread Cake Pops”.  They look just a like a spool of thread and are very easy to make.  Food options like this help keep with your theme and are cute to boot! Creating your own menu where you can use your imagination will put a personal and memorable touch to your food table.

While you enjoy your delicacies

Choose this party theme knowing you can really sit back and enjoy some quality time with your friends.  Your fellow ladies will be thanking you because they have been provided with an evening that will go uninterrupted!  Take this time to catch up with friends and swap family stories, housekeeping tips, or recipes. You could also have 1950’s decade or housekeeping trivia game to keep the conversation flowing and perhaps learn something new that you didn’t know before.

Having moments to laugh about the funny events of your days are great stress relievers. Every housewife has a funny story about a housekeeping mishap.  You could try having contest to vote on who has made the biggest and best faux pas in their home. It’s always fun to see how many friends have put the red sock in the white load, creating a giant pile of pink clothes or what they did when someone put laundry detergent in the dishwasher.

And let’s face it; no party is complete without the piñata. Try our 4ft tall Retro Mom because she’s already dressed in her proper attire and ready for your soiree! We could also make a custom piñata for you, like a martini glass or champagne flute.  Our larger options are 4ft tall and hold 10 lbs. of candy. To keep up with the ongoing theme, fill your piñata with candy for the 1950’s.  The amazing thing about the classic brands of candy is that they are so well loved, they are still around today.  They can be a great reminder to your guests of their childhood and the candy that they loved.


This party theme can be really exciting knowing you have an evening ahead of you that will be filled with friends, fun, food, and cocktails! It is fun to plan and will surely make a memorable evening for everyone.  Make sure you don’t forget to enjoy using your imagination in the kitchen.  You are in there every day; you might as well get creative!


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