It’s So Sweet: The Kids’ Cupcake Birthday Party Theme!

This is a fun and popular birthday party theme. What kid doesn’t like cupcakes? (We can’t imagine any who would say “no!”) The cupcake birthday party theme will be especially popular with younger boys and girls, and also with preteen girls. Many children enjoy a fun cupcake birthday party. This is a sweet birthday party theme with fun activities.

Start The Party with Cute Cupcake Decorations!

 For a cupcake birthday party theme, you aren’t limited “only” to the image and idea of cupcakes! For a little inspiration: think first of the colors of your birthday child’s favorite cupcakes. For little girls, this may be vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and multi colored pastel sprinkles. For little boys this may be vanilla cupcakes with chocolate or mint icing with bright, colorful sprinkles. For preteen girls, this may be a combination of pinks, purples and other fun colors! As you can see, this gives you at least three or four great colors to focus your party decorations.

 At your local party store, you may also find cupcake themed decorations to help decorate the party. Cupcakes have become very popular! While you are there, look also for great cupcake stands that will hold cupcakes for your birthday table.

Yummy Cupcakes & Treats Create a Great Birthday Party! 

It’s easy to create a birthday party menu when your child has chosen a cupcake birthday party theme. Right from the start, tummies are rumbling, expecting that sweet and yummy cupcake! Find a cupcake holder that makes a cupcake “cake” stand, to attractively present the cupcakes. This is a fun and different way to offer birthday cake. Add birthday candles only to a few cupcakes. Our best tip: always ask the birthday child if they would prefer a birthday cake or cupcakes. You can find cake pans shaped like cupcakes for cupcake themed birthday parties. The birthday child may really want a birthday cake, even with the cupcake birthday party theme. No one wants a tearful or disappointed birthday child on that special day!

Offer kid favorites like mini pizzas and don’t forget healthy favorites too like cut up fruit or veggies with yogurt to dip them in. Some Moms may think a cupcake themed birthday party will have way too many treats – not so! One of the best things about the cupcake is that it offers great portion control, something lots of other birthday party treats simply do not. This is a fun birthday party theme to try to enjoy sweets in moderation. The best way to do this is to offer healthy kid favorites too!

 Fun Cupcake Themed Activities & Games Make Your Party Complete

 Any cupcake birthday party will be even more fun if kids get to decorate their own cupcakes. For little ones, simply decorating the cupcakes is a fun activity. If children are older, let them assist in the mixing, measuring and then let an adult do the actual baking. Don’t think making cupcakes means there will be too many sweets on hand: try baking cupcakes to give to someone the children know, like grandparents, parents or to give to a local nursing home or day care center. Or let children make their cupcake and decide who they want to give it to!

 Older children may be up for the challenge of decorating more elaborate cupcakes. There are many fun cupcake styles to try: read Hello Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Allen Richardson for a variety of cupcakes – from easy to more challenging to create. Instructions are easy to follow, understand and both Tack and Richardson explain exactly what you need to create these fabulous cupcake creations! Whether you want to make sunflower cupcakes, aliens from outer space, or adorable penguins, you’ll find them in here and more.

 A favorite activity at any cupcake themed birthday party is a cupcake pinata! This gigantic, sweet cupcake will be one of the most popular activities at any child’s birthday parties. For older children, remember to raise it up and down as they swing, making it harder to bat at. Consider filling the cupcake pinata with non candy treats like toys or puzzles the kids can enjoy. 

The cupcake birthday party is one many children will request again and again. It is popular with children of many ages. Try a cupcake birthday party with your little one this year!




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