Aloha, Summer! Let’s have a Luau!
posted May 25 2012 by Pinata Casa

The word “Ahola” means hello as well as goodbye.  If you want to plan a party that will celebrate either the beginning or the end of the summer season, than having a Luau is the perfect route to go.  To start your summer off with a bang, having a Luau gets everyone ready for the hot and fun time of year ahead.   If you choose to have your Luau at the end of the summer, it is also a great way to say goodbye to all of the wonderful memories you have made before heading in to the fall.  Luau’s take place in the outdoors and you can recreate the atmosphere of one right in your own backyard.  Your guests will enjoy the break from a traditional summer party and enjoy a small piece of the Hawaiian culture.

To set the tone, welcome your guests at the door by draping them with a traditional Hawaiian lei. It is customary for the local islanders to greet their guests with a lei around their necks upon arrival.  It symbolizes a sense of hospitality and friendship and everyone will instantly feel welcomed.

Have the hot party while keeping your guests cool

When you throw a party, you are doing it to celebrate an evening of friends and family.  Your guests are your number one priority while you are the host and when having an outdoor summer party, focus your attention on the comfort level of your guests.  The last thing a person wants to do is to attend an outdoor gathering and feel overheated or uncomfortable.  Everyone will feel very well cared for and welcomed in your home if you have taken the time to make sure they are enjoying themselves to the fullest extent.

If your Luau takes place during the day, make sure you provide your guests with the option of a shaded place to rest.  While some people will want to enjoy being out in the sunshine, temperatures can rise too quickly for others and the shade offers a space for your guests to cool off while still remaining social with everyone else at the party.

Water misters are awesome! They can really cool everyone off while at the same time add to your décor.  They are easy to install to your current water system and come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Another water source that your guests will require is basic bottled water.  Place iced bins in the shaded areas for guests to grab their own bottles.  People will appreciate your thoughtfulness in making sure they do not get dehydrated. 

No one wants a pest

If you live in an area known for bugs, then insect repellent is essential.  Tiki torches that are also citronella candles serve a dual purpose for you and should be indispensable to your party.  The tropical look can create a subdued, island feeling around the perimeter of you party and will also create a barrier to help keep the bugs away.

Keeping insects away from food at and outdoor party is a constant battle and some people do not appreciate the look or smell of citronella candles around their food. One way to avoid this conflict but still keep the insects away from your food is to place whole cloves in lemon slices.  Bugs despise the smell and will stay away from your food, however, the appearance and scent will be aesthetically pleasing to your guests.  Be sure to display the lemons in such a way so that a guest does not mistake your homemade insect repellent as food.

Give a feast to your friends

The definition of a Luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast, so this can be a fitting party theme if you want to focus on lots of food while in the company of your friends and family.  Tropical recipes can be really fun and refreshing to work with.  This party theme gives you the chance to make recipes you would not normally prepare for an event. You now have the opportunity to mix and match traditional Hawaiian recipes as well as creations of your own.  Your creativity will surely blossom when working with some of these foods found in traditional Hawaiian recipes:

  • Rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Coconuts
  • Pineapple
  • Pork
  • Tuna
  • Blue Marlin
  • Wasabi
  • Sweet and sour

All of these foods and flavors are meant to meld together, so trust your gut!  If you are not feeling brave enough to create something on your own, take the time to hunt down the perfect recipes your loved ones will enjoy.  Guests always appreciate a well-planned party menu.

When people think of a Luau, they generally picture a roasted pig with an apple in it’s mouth.  If you are not up to the challenge of roasting an entire pig, try having our pig piñata instead! It may not provide any meat to your guests, but it does hold 10 lbs of candy.  You could also enhance your yard with a palm tree or a hula girl piñata.  If your Luau is part of a celebration for a specific person, let us create a customized person in Hawaiian attire for you. A personal touch goes a long ways!

Your own private island… in your own backyard!

Creating your Hawaiian setting does not have to be a daunting task.  Here are few basic tips to help get you going the right direction for party décor:

  • Use bright colors
  • Hang paper lanterns from your porch or trees
  • Line your tables in grass table skirts
  • Use tiny drink umbrellas to provide an island vacation feeling
  • Make your desserts in the shapes of flowers, pineapples or flip flops
  • If your budget and resources allow, use surf boards as part of your décor or as a place to put the food for your guests

The culture of a Luau is an amazing experience that you can recreate, at any level, in the comfort of your own back yard.  Encourage everyone to wear their leis and dine on the delicious flavors the islands have to offer!

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