Planning a Halloween party doesn’t have to be scary!
posted May 24 2012 by Pinata Casa

Fall is a great time of year that brings out the festive side in everyone.  The summer heat is fading away and a new wave of holiday celebrations are about to begin.  The crisp fall air provides great weather for an indoor and outdoor party.  Halloween can be an enjoyable, family-friendly holiday that all ages love to celebrate.  It is the holiday where your imagination can run wild and your personality shines through at your party.  Halloween is all about fun, food, and creativity!

The little things that make a big difference

Your invitations should always set the tone for what your guests can expect at your party.  If it is a kid-friendly get-together, make sure the invite has a fun and light hearted look to it.  Cartooned Halloween creatures and well known kid’s characters are a great starting point.  For the scarier themed evening or night party, you can create an invite that will reflect the vibe of your party.  Make sure to note if the party is for adults only on your invitation in a place that is easily noticed.

Decorating for Halloween is all part of the fun!  This is a part of planning where you can be as creative as you want to be.  A normally bright and cheerful setting can easily be transformed by replacing regular light bulbs with colored or black light bulbs.  Spider web cotton is fast and easy to spread throughout a room to add a traditional spooky feeling. Let your decorations create a welcoming setting of fun and festiveness for your guests.

For a personal touch at your party, display hand carved pumpkins. A day or two before your party is the perfect time to carve your pumpkins.  You can sit down with friends and family and make a whole evening of carving the pumpkins together.  Also, don’t forget to save your pumpkin seeds and roast them for your party!  They make a delicious and healthy snack from supplies you now have on hand.

There are a multitude of Halloween decorations available to buy, and a cost saving option for you to try is to place a marble inside a balloon before filling it with helium.  When the balloon is filled, the marble will help hold the balloon in place on the ceiling and the rubber bottom tip won’t show. Depending upon the theme you choose, it is a great way to cover your ceiling in a matching color scheme. 

With a lot of Halloween parties taking place at night, it is important to remember to have safe lighting around your walkways for your guests.  Halloween decorations are often dark and elaborate so by creating a well-lit path to and from the party your guests will have an easier time maneuvering a space they may not be familiar with.

Provide your guests with a night filled with fun and laughs

Activities during your Halloween party can be great for kids and grown-ups alike!  Bobbing for apples is a well-known game that is cost effective and great for outdoors.  For indoor games that are conducive for all ages, you have many options to work with. Kids always have a great time when they get to mummy wrap each other.  Turning on Halloween music and have a monster mash dance off is always fun to participate it in, as well as entertaining for everyone to watch.  Having both indoor and outdoor activities will help keep an even flow throughout your event if you are limited on space.

Our piñata choices create endless possibilities for your party.  Our traditional Halloween piñatas, such as the pumpkin and ghost, hold 10lbs candy.  If you are looking for something more specific, we can create a custom piñata just for your party.  If you are busting your piñata at night, wrap your piñata bat in glow in the dark tape to add to the theme.  You could also fill your piñata with glow in the dark prizes and trinkets so that they stand out better when they fall to the ground. 

The Goodie Table – Make your menu the best part

Another part of what makes Halloween a great holiday is that you can give your food and drinks festive names to add to your theme. Your imagination can really take the lead when creating your party menu.  Since you have taken the time to pick out some unique menu items, and some of your choices will have an unusual look to them, make sure to label what each food option is and have it well displayed.  This will also help for any guests who may have a food allergy or sensitivity.

Candy, candy, candy is what Halloween is famously known for! Once you add in your traditional popcorn balls and candied apples, you can start to feel a sugar overload.  Healthy food doesn’t have to be dead on Halloween.  For the healthier options that will maintain the spooky theme you can try ants on a log, apples with teeth, or brain dip.  By taking a traditional recipe and adding a little Halloween flare, you can transform your food table from boring to special in a matter of moments.

Picking out a drink recipe can be just as fun as the food! Some great punch recipes and titles are Witch’s Brew, Spider Juice, Ghost Punch, and Swamp Juice.  Drinks geared towards kids that will be a nutritious choice can be filled with different combinations of 100% fruit juice.  If your party is for adults only, adding your favorite spirit can add a unique flavor, personalized just for your guests.  For that extra little zing for any kind of punch you make, try a sparkling, clear soda for a bubbly taste or dry ice to give your drink the “smoky” effect.

Be sure to plan ahead and order your piñata about a month before Halloween. Piñatas make a great addition to any party and will help add to your creativity and hard work of planning an amazing Halloween bash!

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