Plan the Perfect Memorial Day BBQ or Party

Memorial Day is just around the corner, but you’ve got plenty of time to plan that perfect BBQ or party to celebrate. This is a patriotic holiday, honoring all those who have died military service to the U.S.A.. Once called Decoration Day, it a Federal holiday celebrated on the last Monday in May. After you’ve gone to the local town or city Memorial Day parade, its time to enjoy a fun BBQ or party with family and friends. Memorial Day has traditionally also been considered the start of summer, and your BBQ or party is the perfect way to launch into this warm and sunny season.

Begin with Patriotic Decorations That Celebrate the U.S.A.

It’s easy to find great Memorial Day decorations. Many Memorial Day parties are outdoor event, so you can enjoy the sunshine and newly warm summer weather. Try a BBQ or picnic theme with your decorations, in red, white and blue. At your local party store you’ll find cups, flatware, tablecloths, plates and napkins all available in these patriotic colors. A fun choice for your decorations is to alternate the colors, using all three colors in a pretty pattern. Another option is to get each item in a single color, which will draw the eye easily to your patriotic table décor.

Our best outdoor entertaining tip: don’t forget citronella candles for the table, especially if your BBQ or party is expected to go into the early evening hours. And try to pick up a few small weights used for balloons, use these to keep tablecloths down and stacks of napkins from flying in the breeze. Also keep handy: sunscreen with SPF and bug spray for your guests.

BBQ or Party – 3 Ways to Have Great Food at Your Memorial Day Celebration! 

  1. One of the biggest challenges with entertaining that most hosts/hostesses make is they try to make too many dishes and options. This can be overwhelming and frustrating, both for you and the guests. Try to serve one or two options so your guests have some choice, but don’t worry about offering half a dozen entrée options. Keep in mind food allergies and if you have vegetarian/vegan family members or other dietary restrictions to cook for.
  2. The best kept secret of the savvy host/hostess is preparing some of the food in advance, not getting up super early the day of the BBQ or party to cook or make everything the day of. Look at your menu and think: you could probably make the macaroni salad or cole slaw ahead of time, even a few days ahead of time. Try to shop early when a holiday like Memorial Day comes, because just about everyone you know will have a BBQ or party. Shopping early gives you the most options and lets you shop stress free.
  3. Another fun choice is to ask each guest to bring one dish. Many enjoy cooking and preparing food, your family and friends may actually prefer this type of BBQ or party so they can show off their favorite dessert or other tempting dishes.

Add Family Activities to Your Memorial Day BBQ or Party

One thing you’ll want to try to do on Memorial Day is to honor any Veterans in your family. If they are able to attend your celebration, let them share their experiences of serving their country if they would like to. If Veterans you know have passed on, add a photo of them in a picture frame to a prominent location at your event and have a moment of silence, a blessing, prayer or ask each member of the family to share something they loved about this man or woman.

Memorial Day is also a day when family and friends gather to celebrate the start of warmer weather and the summer season. Planning a few fun outdoor activities is an ideal choice. The best activities are those that both children and adults can do. Even a game of freeze tag can easily be played outdoors by children, teens and adults and is a lot of fun! If you are near a park, consider a game of softball or hitting baseballs. Catching and throwing a Frisbee is also a fun option perfect for children and adults.

Add a pinata to your Memorial Day celebration. It’s the ideal choice for everyone. Choose a summer themed pinata like Rainbow Pinata   or Butterfly Pinata or for a U.S.A. patriotic choice, consider the Eagle Pinata. Everyone will want to swing at the pinata, take a chance for treats and candy.

Memorial Day is a U.S.A. patriotic holiday that comes every year in May. Take the time to celebrate with your family and friends, and thank our Veterans for their service! 


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