Little Princess Party Ideas
posted May 13 2012 by Pinata Casa

Do you have a little princess getting ready to celebrate a birthday? Every girl should have that perfect birthday party. One that's made for a little princess. And what could be better than a princess themed birthday party?

Many little girls dream of becoming princesses living in castles, wearing crowns and ball gowns just like in the fairy tales. A princess themed birthday party is a very popular choice for little girls, and even older girls too. There are a few ways you can make this birthday theme extra special for your little princess, without getting a second mortgage on your current castle! Try a few of our favorite princess birthday party tips: 

Let the Girls Make a Grand Entrance 
The entry to the party is the perfect opportunity to make every little girl feel like a princess. Hang tulle in a pretty pastel shade (pink, purple or light yellow) across the door so it hangs like an upside down "V." Then gently pin it back in the middle so it puffs out on the sides, looking extra spectacular. Add a few silk flowers (you can find inexpensive choices at your local craft store or dollar discount store), use a glue gun to attach them to the tulle and include a few of the leaves for added princess-y style. 

You can make this entry even more fun with music playing as the little girls arrive. Classical music will sound elegant and special. Try the soundtrack to Disney's popular Fantasia movie for classical music especially perfect for the young. 

Every Princess Should Wear a Crown 
What could be more fun than giving each little princess her own crown to wear? You'll find child sized tiaras at your local party or Halloween costume store. Try to find a special tiara just for the birthday girl, and even tiaras that look different to give the little princesses a bit of variety to choose from. 

Our tip for crafty moms/families: making princess crowns can also be a fun craft! Pre-cut the princess crowns from cardstock and let little princesses color, add glitter or even stick on jewels to their crowns. Then put them together and let the girls wear them at the party! 

A Birthday Party Menu Fit for a Princess

  • Every child is different, but here are a few fun favorites that will make your princess birthday party extra princess-y: 
  • Serve a pink lemonade punch. 
  • Serve pink cupcakes with pretty decorations like flowers on them. 
  • Consider a tea party with tea and cakes. This is very ladylike and perfect for any princess. If the party is during warm months, you can substitute tea for lemonade or iced tea. 
  • Serve ice cream sundaes in bowls that look elegant and fancy. A fun activity: let the little princesses add their own toppings to the sundaes!  

Fun & Games for Every Princess 

  • No birthday party would be complete without activities and games. 
  • Try our Princess Pinata, a 4ft tall pretty princess pinata to fill with 10lbs of candy and treats. Play traditional pinata games
  • Musical Thrones is a perfect game for little princesses who enjoy Musical Chairs. The rules are the same: find an empty chair when the music stops. Decorate the chairs extra fancy so they look like princess thrones. 
  • Girls who enjoy crafts might like to make jewelry, perfect for any royalty to wear! There are many jewelry making projects. Our tip to parents and guardians: remember that jewelry making often has small pieces, this is not the ideal project for young children, children should also be supervised making most craft projects. Try these favorites from Kaboose: 
  • Button Beaded Bracelet  This project states it is good for children 4 and up. 
  • Kids Beaded Bracelet This project is rated "Easy" with Parental Supervision. 
  • Fabric Necklace This project is rated "Very Easy" for children 4 and up. 

With the flick of your magic wand, you'll create that perfect princess party every little girl dreams of! 

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