Our Favorite Tips for Successful Traditional Pinata Games
posted May 08 2012 by Pinata Casa

At PinataCasa, we know that so many pinatas will be enjoyed by kids and adults who play the traditional pinata games. The traditional pinata games are part of the fun of getting a pinata for your birthday party or celebration. Here are a few favorite tips to make those traditional pinata games even more successful for your next party. Even if you've had a pinata before, these tips may help your family or group enjoy the pinata even more. Try our tips and share yours! 

Make sure you have enough space to play the traditional pinata game. This means not only having enough room to be swinging at the pinata until it breaks and the candy and treats come spilling out, but also enough room for kids and/or adults to scurry around, looking for them! Remember that candy and treats will fall all over the area. It is so helpful, especially for a group of young children or even a big group, if you can remove items that could be tipped over or knocked into. Take the time to remove clutter and extra furniture and items from your lawn; you'll be glad you did! 

Keep pinata games away from windows. Once the fun begins, and the kids and adults start to swing at the pinata, there is a chance that any window could get broken. Stay at least 6 feet away from any window for best results. 

Try to give everyone a chance at the pinata. This is so important especially if you have children playing the pinata game, but even if you have "big kids" (adults) they'll be sure to want a swing or two at the pinata. We suggest starting with the smallest child and then letting every child try. This is a good system for the pinata games, but really any routine you try that encourages every child to have a try is best. You could let the birthday child go first and then do each child in alphabetical order by their first name or some other system. Try asking the adults when it is time to start the pinata game if they want to play, you may be surprised at just how many do want to participate.

Think of safety with that swinging buster bat when playing traditional pinata games. We recommend you make sure the child who swings and breaks the pinata has finished swinging before letting the children find candy. This is great advice! Try to let children know ahead of time that they must wait until the child (or even adults must wait) until the buster bat has stopped swinging, that the candy and treats will still be there. 

Remember to choose candy and treats that can fall out of a pinata safely. Small pieces of candy and treats like small rubber balls or small stuffed animals can be a fun choice. While there are many fun candy and treat choices out there, some wouldn't be the ideal choice to have coming from overhead, usually at a distance of about 4 to 6 feet off the ground. 

The traditional pinata game is played with a blindfold, but don't be shy about playing without the blindfold for best success. Especially if you are playing traditional pinata games with a group of little ones or your group of adults has had a chance at the pinata and no one has broken it, try playing without the blindfold. Most who play pinata games still raise it up and down to make it more challenging, and this by itself may make the game as challenging as it needs to be. 

Having a pinata at your party can be one of the most fun party activities you choose for children or adults. Our tips for successful traditional pinata games can only make your next pinata game even more fun! 


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