Make Any Milestone Birthday Complete with a Large Custom Number Pinata
posted Apr 22 2012 by Pinata Casa

At PinataCasa, we think every birthday deserves to be celebrated in a big way – but the milestone birthday is one where you really want to do something extra special. Whether your child is turning 5, sweet 16 or that grown up age of 18 or 21, we know you want to celebrate! If your hubby or wife is turning 30, 35, 40, 50 or another big milestone birthday age, this is a year to do something memorable fun. Large Custom Number Pinatas are a popular choice for family and friends having a milestone birthday – and the birthday girl or boy or grown up, and guests will always remember the fun of playing traditional pinata games!

Popular Milestone Age Birthdays:

For children, every birthday is often done in a big way. Here are some popular milestone birthdays for children:

1 “1st birthday”

5 “starting kindergarten”

10 (1st birthday in “double digits”)

15 “quinceanera”

16 “sweet sixteen”


18th, 21st, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 100th

Let Everyone Celebrate That Birthday Milestone Age!

One of the best things about having a Large Custom Number Pinata at a milestone birthday party is that everyone will know that milestone age from the moment they enter the party. If your son or daughter is thrilled to be turning 4, no one will be able to miss that gigantic “4” pinata, ready for an afternoon of traditional pinata games. To a 4 year old, there is something magical about swinging the bat and having candy come out of that big “4”. And if your husband is turning 40, a gigantic 4-foot pinata easily becomes the focal point of the party. For the 40 year old, nothing could be more fun than socking the “big 4-0” a couple of times with the buster bat as their friends giggle and cheer! With a milestone birthday party, the birthday celebrator’s age is actually a big part of the party’s theme. It is ideal to have a gigantic Custom Number Pinata as it helps to compliment this party theme and the party decorations.

Kids and Adults Alike Enjoy Pinatas

Kids and adults both enjoy pinatas. Whether they are a kid or an adult, they simply can’t wait to swing the bat and try to crack it open, letting the candy and treats come spilling out! Part of it is the competition of a pinata, who will be the one to crack it open and “win” the pinata game. But even adults smile when they pick up candy and treats from a pinata, enjoying the fun. The Large Custom Number pinata is also the ideal choice for a family party where both kids and adults participate in traditional pinata games. Everyone will take part and enjoy the pinata at the milestone birthday party.

Get Great Photos and Video with a Number Pinata

Anyone hosting a milestone birthday will be thrilled to know that by having a Number Pinata, you’ll get great photos and video. Just imagine the laughter and smiles as family and friends take a swing at the pinata. Anyone looking at the “16” pinata instantly will know this is Judy’s sweet 16 birthday party. These photos will be fun and easy to scrapbook and display and share with loved ones. A video of the pinata games will be one that everyone will want to watch over and over. Whether it is stubborn Uncle Earl who simply wont stop swinging even though he keeps missing, or sweet, petite Aunt Peggy standing on her tippy toes to try to swing at the pinata, it is a fun, active time you’ll want to remember with your family.

The biggest challenge of having a Number Pinata at a milestone birthday party? This is something that is hard to top! Guests will remember the pinata – and so will your birthday girl or boy or grown up. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering another pinata for next year’s birthday party fun!




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