Get Ready to Celebrate America’s Birthday, the 4th of July!
posted Apr 22 2012 by Pinata Casa

It’s no surprise that summertime is one of the best times for outdoor celebrations, and a favorite day is the 4th of July, America’s Independence Day. Everyone wants to celebrate America’s birthday, with a BBQ, outdoor picnic or other fun celebration. What could be better than America’s birthday, complete with fireworks, family fun and patriotism?

4th of July Party Starts with Red, White & Blue Decorations

You wont be surprised to see us suggest red, white and blue decorations that will remind you of the “Good ol’ Red, White and Blue,” our American flag. For a 4th of July party, these are the most classic choice. Here are a few party decorating ideas, depending on what type of 4th of July celebration your family is having this year:

For the picnic – Try red, white and blue cutlery, plates and napkins. Sit on a red white and blue pattern blanket.

For the BBQ or outdoor party –  Hang red, white and blue lights or streamers high in the air (avoid this if you are using sparklers or fireworks). Use red, white and blue candles on the tables. Add red, white and blue cutlery, tablecloths, plates and napkins for more 4th of July fun.

For an indoor party – Try red, white and blue balloons in small groups in corners, kept grounded with small weights (get star balloons for fun, for the “Stars and Stripes”). Use red, white and blue tablecloths, napkins, cutlery and plates.

America’s Birthday Has Great Entertainment & Fun

Now the biggest 4th of July entertainment everyone knows is watching the fireworks at night. It’s amazing to watch the bright and colorful display of fireworks light up the night sky! But you can plan a few activities before dinner and while waiting for it to get dark. Here are a few of our favorites:

U.S.A. & Patriotic Trivia. This is a fun game ideal for both kids and adults. Remember to come up with both some easier questions and some harder ones. This can be done with teams or people play as individuals, depending on how big a group you have.

Outdoor Games. This is a popular choice because most want to be active especially in the summertime. Don’t think you have to plan a huge game of baseball to entertain your crowd, even a quick game of catch with a baseball, or a game of freeze tag with kids and adults is a fun favorite.

Another popular outdoor game is to have a pinata, and to play traditional pinata games. At PinataCasa you’ll find many pinatas ideal for summertime. For the 4th of July there is an American Eagle to show your patriotic pride. Or pick a pinata full of summertime fun like our Summer Sun or our Watermelon.


Crafts. It is a great idea to have one or two crafts to do on July 4th, especially if there is a chance of rain or cloudy weather. You’ll know the kids will have a fun time, even if there is a chance they might not see fireworks. 

The 4th of July is a favorite day for parties and celebrations. Say “Happy Birthday America”! 


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