Thinking About Getting a Custom Pinata? 5 Great Ideas for Fun Custom Pinatas!

Thinking about getting a great, gigantic custom pinata? Our custom pinatas are very popular. PinataCasa can custom create just about any type of pinata you’d like to see. And our wonderful customers have been very creative, with great ideas for custom pinatas. You can be too!

Here are 5 great ideas for gigantic custom pinatas!

You, Your Child or Someone You Know as a Pinata. This is a very popular choice. It’s perfect for that milestone birthday or kid’s birthday party. What could be more fun than seeing yourself as a pinata? Your kid will be happy and so surprised to see themselves as a giant, 4ft pinata! “Big” kids (adults) will be happy to see themselves as a pinata too! Great for retirement parties or any other fun events where there is a guest of honor.

Company Logo. This is another great choice. Most companies today have a company logo. It’s the perfect choice for the annual company picnic or family summertime event. The pictures from your event will look terrific. Best of all, everyone will know at first glance that this is your company event!

Favorite Item. If your little girl wants to be a ballerina or your little boy likes dinosaurs, having a custom pinata created could be the ideal choice to make them smile. You could get a ballerina pinata, twirling in a pink tutu. Or a dinosaur pinata, depicting your child’s favorite dinosaur whether that is a Stegosaurus or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A favorite item pinata is also a great choice for many adults. Have a pinata made in the shape of a favorite handbag for Mom or that teen girl. A sports car for Dad is a fun choice.

A Celebrity Pinata. Just imagine having a party to celebrate the Super Bowl, with a pinata created to honor your favorite football player. Or an Oscar party with a pinata that looks like your favorite actor. PinataCasa can custom create a pinata that looks like anyone, including your favorite celebrity or sports figure. Send a photo or link to photos of them, and we’ll do the rest! We already celebrity pinatas, including sports figure James Lebron of the Miami Heat, martial arts star and actor Bruce Lee, pop star Shakira and pop star Justin Bieber to name a few.

Anything Else. Part of the fun and uniqueness of a custom pinata is that just about anything that strikes your fancy can be created as a pinata. We’ll create the pinata you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it is a pinata to depict your school sports team mascot, a pinata of your new home or a pinata for anything you can dream up…PinataCasa looks forward to creating that pinata for you!


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