The Sports Themed Birthday Party
posted Mar 22 2012 by Pinata Casa

A great way to encourage kids to be active, is to have a sports themed birthday party for your child. Many children love sports and even have a favorite sport or several that they enjoy. Some children follow sports with great enthusiasm; have a favorite sports team or even a favorite sports star. Many children play sports regularly in school and in after-school activities. Some children want to learn more about sports. This birthday party theme is ideal for both boys and girls and is great for younger and older kids alike.

Put Your Game Face on for a Sports Birthday Party

It’s easy to decorate for a sports birthday party. A favorite way to do this is to choose your sports team’s colors. For example, the New York Knicks basketball team is blue and orange. So decorate with blue and orange balloons and streamers, and do the table with blue and orange cups and plates. Get images of basketballs and sports figures to make your basketball themed party complete. Most sports teams have two or even three colors.

The Best Sports Birthday Party is An Active One!

Kids agree that the best birthday parties are the ones where you play lots of games and activities. Well, when you plan a sports themed birthday party, you easily have lots of great ideas for fun games and activities! A top activity to do at any sports birthday party is to actually play the sport or to try some of the skills from the sport. If you have a football themed birthday party, you may not be able to play an entire game of football, but the kids could learn to throw the ball and also learn to catch it, so they score a Touchdown! Give small prizes to everyone as they complete the throw, kick or other skill.

Another great activity for any sports birthday party is to play trivia games. Most kids and adults who follow sports have favorite sports players and teams. Why not create some trivia and “fun facts” based on your favorite team and well known players that the kids can enjoy?

Try a sports themed pinata at your sports birthday party. Traditional pinata games are active and fun, and a sports birthday party is one that keeps kids very active. Swinging at a pinata is another fun activity. A great way to challenge the kids, especially if they are older, is to raise the pinata a little as they swing, so they need to jump and swing at the pinata to try to break it! Try filling the pinata with packs of baseball cards or other sports cards, or miniature sports balls to continue the sports birthday party theme.

A Healthy Menu is Popular at a Sports Party

You’ll discover that most kids won’t fuss about eating healthy at a sports themed birthday party. Sports encourage kids to eat healthy right from the start. Instead of serving lots of sugary and fat filled treats like candy and chips, try fruit cut into fun shapes that can be dipped into yogurt. Or vegetables that can be dipped into hummus. Even ice cream can be replaced with frozen yogurt for lots of kids.

The Sports Birthday Party is the One Kids Request Again and Again

There are many different birthday party themes, but the sports birthday party theme is easily becoming one of the most popular. It appeals to both boys and girls, and to kids of many ages. Lots of kids play and watch sports, and it is a very active and fun birthday party theme. Don’t be surprised if they request this birthday party theme again and again. 


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