Great Ideas for Animal Themed Parties
posted Mar 17 2012 by Pinata Casa

One of the most fun birthday party themes to choose for young children is animals. With this birthday party theme you can choose to do a zoo, with many animals, farm animals, or even just a single animal that is your child’s favorite, like a lion or a lady bug.

Both boys and girls enjoy animal themed birthday parties. These parties are especially popular with toddlers and younger children. At this age many are reading picture books, seeing cartoons and television programs or movies with animal characters in them. There are many favorite animal characters, like Charlotte the spider from Charlotte’s Web. Or the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. It’s easy to see why this party theme would be so popular.

Start With Animal Themed Decorations

Party stores will often have kids’ birthday party themed decorations that compliment the zoo or animal themed birthday party. They also have decorations for some specific animals. Try looking at baby shower decorations too, because those come often in cute animal and baby animal themes that could be ideal for the kids’ birthday party.

Match balloons, paper streamers and a “Happy Birthday” banner in complimenting colors to the decorations you find. If this is a zoo theme, you’ll probably find a green background with animals in orange, black, white and grey. This offers you a great variety of colors to select from for the additional decorations.

Set the Table with an Animal Birthday Party Theme

It’s easy to compliment your animal birthday party theme. Try adding a green tablecloth (for a natural habitat) and yellow napkins with orange plastic cups and plates. Put pictures of the animals, and a few facts about the animals that children can enjoy.

Play a Few Animal Themed Games & Activities

Kids know that animals are fun. One of the most popular activities at an  animal themed party would be to have a live animal for children to see. Some animals that could come include iguanas, snakes, a pony or even a monkey. Be sure to check the professional’s references and background before reserving them for your party.

Young kids like guessing games. Try playing the sounds of different animals and let them guess what animal it is. Have some that are easy (like a lion growling or a seal barking) and then some that are a little trickier. This is the perfect time to teach them some fun animal facts. Any activity where children can learn while they are having fun is ideal.

Get an animal themed pinata from PinataCasa for the party to be a “smashing” success! 

At PinataCasa, we have many animal themed pinatas, from the colorful Macaw Pinata that looks like it flew in from the rainforest, or the Pig Pinata or the friendly (not too fierce!) Stegosaurus Pinata. You’ll find zoo animals, farm animals and many other animals. If your child has a favorite animal that isn’t featured at our website, like a hedgehog, or a leopard or a lemur – we can create a custom pinata too!




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