Hip Hop, Hip Hop! Easter will soon be here!
posted Mar 03 2012 by Pinata Casa

You don’t have to be the Easter Bunny to know that Easter Sunday is April 8th. Families, schools, churches and religious groups often enjoy the tradition of an annual Easter party to celebrate.

It All Begins with Easter Decorations

Colorful and fun decorations are the perfect choice. Some choose soft pastels and others choose brighter, primary colors. This holiday is so popular for celebrations because it is perfect for a party for children, adults or families. Popular Easter themes to include in decorations are the Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

Easter eggs are one of the best Easter decorations. Try using the plastic ones for table decorations in a fun centerpiece with a big lily or other springtime flowers in bloom. Or take skinny pastel ribbon and glue it to the end of the plastic Easter eggs, attach them to the ceiling for a fun effect everyone will admire. Try putting an actual Easter egg at everyone’s table setting. Make this special for your guests by adding their name to each egg, using a crayon that when wiped away and used with Easter egg dye, leaves their name in white on the egg!

Easter is a Sweet Holiday

Remember waking up on Easter morning, to find your Easter basket the bunny had left for you? With a chocolate bunny, colorful jelly beans and Easter eggs, it was a fun treat to enjoy every Easter. For many, Easter just wouldn’t be this special holiday without a few jellybeans or that chocolate bunny! Try including a few of these classic treats at your Easter party.

It’s easy to add these to your Easter party. Put out bowls of jellybeans for your guests to enjoy. A fun twist to add to this is to try putting out different varieties of jellybeans. You’ll find some that are sweet, others with a tart taste, and some with gourmet flavors. Today’s jellybeans aren’t just cherry, orange and lime, they come in fun, tasty flavors including mango, licorice and cinnamon to name a few.

A small chocolate bunny at each table setting makes the perfect place card. Put a small piece of cardstock on the bunny’s side with the guest’s name written in calligraphy or attractive script. Let them take their bunny and choose their seat, or assign seating using the chocolate bunnies.

Have Some Easter Fun Today!

Your Easter party is the perfect time for some Easter fun. There are many fun things you can do at your Easter party.

An Easter egg hunt is one of the most classic Easter activities. Parents hide the eggs and children look for them. Our tip to hiding eggs: don’t make them too hard to find. Especially if you have young children, eggs should “peek” through a bit. Count the eggs before you hide them and count them as they are found, so adults can help children find the missing eggs during the Easter Egg hunt.

Our Easter Bunny pinata is filled with Easter fun! At 4 feet, he holds 10lbs of candy and treats. Everyone loves the cute Easter Bunny! Play traditional pinata games with children and adults. Everyone will enjoy swinging at the Easter Bunny pinata.

Dyeing Easter eggs is a very traditional Easter party activity. This is fun for both children and adults. The biggest challenge is keeping children from getting dye on their nice Easter party clothing. Supply smocks or aprons so clothing is kept clean. Try doing this activity first, so eggs are dry by the time the party has finished so children can bring their Easter eggs home.

Your Easter party will be a fun celebration that everyone will enjoy. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful Easter holiday!


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