The Not So Mini Me Pinata

If you’re looking for a fun addition to any party, try a Custom People Pinata. Here are some of our favorite ideas for adding a Not So Mini Me Pinata to your party!

The Custom People Pinata is the Perfect Surprise

What could be more fun that throwing someone a surprise party? Why, getting them a Custom People Pinata that looks like them! Just imagine the look on your child, parent, boss, coworker, friend or other loved one’s face when they see that Custom People Pinata that looks…just like them!

Count on a Custom People Pinata to be Interactive and Social

 The Custom People Pinata is the ideal “icebreaker” at your next party. Not only do you have the fun of playing the pinata games, but your guests will enjoy taking pictures with the pinata and it will spark many conversations at any party.  

Add Even More FUN to Your Custom People Pinata with Our Tips:

Follow this link and you’ll find easy instructions to order any custom pinata. We’re happy to make a Custom People Pinata that looks like your child, parent, boss, coworker, favorite celebrity or anyone you’d like to honor with a great pinata!

If you order a Custom People Pinata to honor the person who is being celebrated at the party (retiree, birthday party recipient, etc.), try to have them come in an outfit that is as close to the one that your Custom People Pinata will wear. Then when they are wearing that very same outfit, what fun it will be when their pinata is wearing it too!

Take the time to mention the details! Now is the time when you’ll want to remember that your boss’ eyeglasses are blue, not black. Or that your daughter always likes to wear a pink headband in her hair. Remember that a pinata is not like a photograph, it will have many details, but not every single, fine detail!

If you’re having a theme party, why not dress the Custom People Pinata that way? For your 1950’s party, try bobby sox and a poodle skirt. Or for your little princess’ birthday party, why not dress the Custom People Pinata like a princess, with a long pink dress and a crown?

Make the Custom People Pinata a focal point of your party, so everyone has a chance to admire and enjoy it. Be sure to allow enough time for everyone to take photos with the pinata and the honored guest before playing fun pinata games.

Fill the pinata with some of the honored guest’s favorite treats – try bubble gum, butterscotch candy, wind up toys to name a few. Most of our pinatas hold about 10lbs of candy and treats, certainly some of it should be especially for the honored guest!


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