Throw an Angry Birds Kids Party
posted Feb 19 2012 by Pinata Casa

If your kids love games and video games, a perfect theme for their next party is Angry Birds. Our Angry Birds custom pinatas are very popular for kids’ parties, so we’d like to share with you some party theme ideas. This is an adorable kids’ birthday party theme to pick, popular with both boys and girls and with many ages.

It All Starts with the Invitations

The Angry Birds most popular colors are red, green and yellow. Choose invitations with these colors or make them yourself, and add a feather to the front of the invitation in either red or yellow (remember, the pigs are green!). Get feathers from your favorite craft store, in red and yellow and glue them using craft glue (note: if your children are old enough to help, this can be a fun activity!).

 Try these greeting in the invitations:

Fly by to NAME’s Angry Birds Birthday Party! NAME will be # years old!

 On the inside you can add the date, time and location for the party. 

Feather Your Nest with Fun Angry Birds Decorations

Add balloons and streamers for the perfect Angry Birds party. Try to find balloons and streamers in red, yellow and green. Our best decorating tip: less is more. Add three balloons in each corner (one red, one yellow, one green) with a sturdy weight to keep them there. Have the streamers criss-cross the room once or twice. An excess of decorations can be a bit overwhelming for little ones, and also adds more clean up work for you at the end of the day.  

A“Happy Birthday” banner in the Angry Birds colors of red, yellow and green is the perfect way to greet everyone who enters. If you enjoy making crafts, you can create your own using cardstock or your home computer. Or find a great “Happy Birthday” banner at your local party supply store.

Add the Angry Birds Fun & Entertainment

Here are a few Angry Birds themed games that will work for many ages.

Play with an Angry Birds Pinata:

At PinataCasa, you’ll find we have three Angry Birds pinatas. We have the Red Bird, the Pig and the Yellow Bird pinata. So no matter your child’s favorite Angry Bird character, you’ll be sure to find them at PinataCasa! You can also choose Angry Bird pinatas according to your child’s favorite color: red, yellow or green. Fill that Angry Birds pinata with candy, put that blindfold on the child first in line and hand them the bat, and let them swing away!

Play Angry Birds Tag:

Most children have played tag. The “It” child, trying to tag others is an Angry Bird and the other children are the pigs. They need to catch them so they don’t eat the eggs.

Set Your Angry Birds Table Properly

The best way to decorate your Angry Birds table is with red, yellow and green cups, napkins, plates and cutlery. You can find plastic cups, plates and cutlery, and paper napkins in these fun colors are your favorite party supply store. Try decorating the table alternating the colors in a pattern, so one child has a red napkin, yellow cutlery and a green plate. The table will be fun and colorful. Choose a tablecloth in red, yellow or green to compliment the Angry Birds theme.

Enjoy the Angry Birds Fun!

This is a birthday party your child and their friends will be sure to remember. What could be more fun than the Angry Birds? Let us know about your Angry Birds kids’ birthday party in the comments!


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