Pinatas For Everyone!

Are you planning a special event?  Do you want to make your event the event that leaves everyone talking?  Then you need a custom pinata that will provide conversation, fun and goodies!   These are perfect for birthdays, corporate outings, super bowl parties  … regardless of what the event is, the age of the participants, or the reason for the gathering, there is a pinata that can be custom made for that event. 

Children Parties

Do you have a little princess with a birthday coming up?  Pinatas make great birthday games and they even provide the party favors, leaving you one less thing to worry about!  A custom made pinata can be built to any theme.  Interested in a real life size princess pinata that looks alike like your daughter?  We can make it happen!  Or how about a life size football player pinata with your son’s name on the back?  If you can think it up, we can make a handmade Mexican piñata to match it.  Just fill it with small candy pieces and toys, take a swing and have a blast.

Adult Parties

Adults like to have fun too and what better way to step back in to childhood then with an authentic custom pinata?  A giant pinata of a beer can that the guys will love or a huge high heel shoe pinata for the shopping diva ladies; the possibilities are endless but the memories will all live on!   A super bowl party with all your friends calls for a supersize football pinata and a friend get together can be made special and unique when you order a custom pinata that encompasses your friendship. 

Pinatas for Companies

Is your company planning an event?  How about a custom logo pinata filled with goodies and prizes?  A retirement party for a treasured boss?  Make him laugh when you have a pinata look-alike built! 

As you can see, pinata’s are meant to be fun, they are meant to entice giggles and they are meant to be designed in a way that makes everyone smile.  A custom built pinata is special and unique, just like your event.  Stand out above the rest and do something different – smash up some goodness!      

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