Make Your Next Event a Smash!
posted Jan 04 2012 by Pinata Casa

There is nobody on Earth who doesn’t like a good party.  Good friends, good food and good times all equal in a successful party and planning is the key ingredient to ensure that happens. Sometimes a party planner, or host of the event, will become overwhelmed with all of the details and when the time finally comes, they can’t enjoy a second of it.  You can plan an unforgettable and unique party without stressing, all you need to do is follow this simple guide:

One Month Ahead:

·       Choose a date and time.  Are you looking at an afternoon get together or an evening get together?  How long do you plan on having people there – two, four, six hours?

·       Decide what theme (if any) your party will be.  Choose a theme that matches the event.  A child’s birthday party would be easy, base the theme on their favorite cartoon or sport.  For adults, you can be extra creative; Hawaiian themed, pirate themed, sport themed … think about what you and your friends enjoy together and go that route.

·       Decide what types of food you will serve.  Will you be grilling out or putting out snack items?  Will you have full meals or finger foods for your guests?

·       Make a guest list.  Do you want a small gathering or a large gathering?

·       Enlist the help of friends to help fill out and send invitations. You can even use services like Facebook or evite. Make sure to get them in the mail before week three and ask for RSVP’s at least a week in advance. 

·       Order a custom pinata for your party!  You want to make sure that you give the company plenty of time to handcraft your authentic Mexican pinata, so make sure you get your order in early.  Pinatas that are custom made add a surprise element of fun to your party and make it easier on the host, who won’t need to think up ideas to entertain her guests.

Two Weeks Ahead:

·       Make a list of menu items.  If you are going all snack foods, write down the different snacks on this list.  If you are planning on grilling, right not only the key items, but also any condiments you may need.  This will come in very handy when it is time to shop.

·       Head to a party store and purchase any decorations you plan on using.  If you didn’t order a bag of prizes when you placed your custom pinata order, pick up two bags at the party store.

One Week Ahead:

·       Check your RSVP returns to get an accurate head count on who is coming and who is not.

·       Make a stack of CD’s appropriate for your party and place them near the stereo. 

·       If your party will take place indoors and outdoors, do a yard clean up.  Pick up big branches, mow your lawn if needed, arrange your lawn furniture and decide where the best place will be to hang your custom pinata. 

Three Days Ahead:

·       Take your list of food items and go through your refrigerator, your freezer and your pantry.  If an item on the list is already in your home, cross it off.  Take the list to your local grocery store and purchase the additional items.  Make sure you add goodie bags to your list, one per person, so that when your life size pinata busts open, the party goers can collect their loot.

·       Vacuum and mop your floors and wipe down the bathrooms for guests.

·       Fill your custom pinata with candy and small toys and attach it to a long rope so it is ready to go.  Make sure you have a bat or something similar handy, as well as something for a blindfold for when the time comes.

The Day of Your Party:

·       Pre-prep any food items that you can in the morning.  For example, if you are planning on grilling hamburgers, get the patties ready now so you have more time later on for socializing.

·       Ask a friend to help you hang the pinata in your yard.  Remember the custom piñata is not just the fun party game; it is the focal point, the centerpiece, of your party.

·       Do a quick walk through of any rooms guests will use to ensure they are presentable.  Make sure to check that the guest bathroom is stocked with soap, towels and tissues.

·       Take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy your party!


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