Pinata Casa Party Ideas

Let's Go Party at the Lego Party!

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You can build amazing worlds with legos, now let's building an amazing party!  We love the idea of a lego party because not only will the party be fun, it will also be educational.  While building with legos at the party, kids will use their imaginations to enhance their spatial and relationship skills. They will improve on their concepts of halves and wholes while playing and will be able to bring their ideas to life.

A Monster of a Good Time!

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A new classic cartoon means a new classic party, and we love a classic party! One of the great things about having a party with a character theme is that you can throw this party for any occasion and for any age.  Everyone loves a fun and festive party!

For your modern day monster mash, we encourage you to use your imagination and get as creative as you want to! When creating anything surrounding monsters there is one key rule: the crazier the better! No two monsters are created equal, so get those creative juices flowing.

Colors and Decor

Green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, red, orange, strips, polka dots... you get the idea! Your decorations should be all about bright and fun colors accompanied with crazy patterns. Not sure where to begin? Just start covering your party room in colored crepe paper and balloons and the decorations will take from there.  If there is anything that could be covered with patterned material, like cushion or square table, we suggest you cover it up and easily turn the room from normal to crazy! Anything goes with a monster party.

Monster Goodies... NOM NOM NOM NOM

Fun colors and crazy shapes should be the focal point of the food and drink table. We love the party food ideas by The Party Animal! All of your drinks, snacks, and desserts should be about what fun colors you can use.  We love the idea of adding googly eyes to all of your containers and making everything on the table a monster in some form or fashion. The theme can be easily enhanced at the food table by turning everything in to a monster.  

For bright colored foods, don't feel like you have to overload your table with junk food.  Granny smith apples, strawberries, carrots, and cherry tomatoes are all great examples of healthy foods with rich colors.  If you are looking to get your kids to eat "healthier" snacks and dips, just label the food with a monster-y name. Anything that sounds like it could come from alien planet will be perfect for kids.

And now for the fun!

Like we always say, it's not a party until you add in a pinata! Our monster pinatas are the perfect size for a party and hold 10 lbs. of candies and surprises.  We can even customize your monster if you are looking for something a little more unique.  Just let us know what creations you would like to make and we will work with you to create the best monster we can.  


If you are looking for more tame "monster fun", how about having the kids create monsters from their own imagination? Kids LOVE to take home crafts from a party, especially ones that they have worked really hard on.  To help the kids create their own monsters, have a craft table set up full of fun supplies.  Some items we suggest are:

  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Colored construction paper
  • Feathers
  • String
  • Tape
  • Googly eyes... the more the merrier!
  • Patterned material
  • Fuzzy craft balls
  • Colored pipe cleaners (these come in multiple colors and sizes)
  • Cardboard
  • Empty paper towel rolls
  • Scissors
A local crafts store would be a great place to start when selecting possible supplies.  If there is something in particular that stands to you or your child, get it!  If it looks like a great craft supply to you, the kids will be sure to love it. 

We hope your monster mash is as cooky and crazy as it should be!


Pinata Garlands

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 We love parties.  But what do we love more than parties? Fabulous party decorations! Sometimes you just need to throw a party and have some classic decorations. We support any reason for a gathering of good friends and wonderful fun. 

One great party decoration we love is the pinata garland! A pinata garland is an easy to make party decoration that incorporates both the surprise of a pinata and the fun of a colorful garland. Everything you need to make a pinata garland is easy to find, some of the contents are already in your home! 

Supplies you will need are:

  • Ribbon
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Tissue paper
  • Goodies for the inside
  • Glue
  • Tape 
  • Scissors
  • String
With the easy to follow instructions on; anyone can make this exciting party decoration. One of the great things about this party decoration is that fact that it is so low cost and easy to assemble.  You can make as many garlands as you would like!  We view everything as "the more the merrier".  

We love the idea of a pinata garland when throwing a baby shower.  We suggest multiple shades of blue or pink, depending upon the gender of the baby.  Are you having a unisex shower or twins? Add in both colors!  A great way to reveal the gender of the baby would be to have pink and blue pinata garlands throughout the area and the contents inside let everyone know what sex the baby will be.  Everyone loves a unique reveal!

If you are making a pinata garland, then your party is obviously all about bright colors and full of surprises.  We suggest having a classic pinata at your party.  Whether it's a birthday, shower, birth, retirement, or a Wednesday, pinatas are always an ice breaker and crowd pleaser.

One thing to remember when throwing party is that you have spent time to plan an amazing party to entertain your friends and family; have fun! 


Gearing up for back to school!

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 Yes... it's that time of year again: the back to school commercials are airing on TV and kids are starting to get very bored.    Before the crazy fall schedules begin, one last hoorah in the summer sun can be the best way to end the summer.  We think this sounds like the perfect time to plan a Back to School Party!

Getting kids geared up for another year can be a daunting task.  We suggest the approach of easing them in to the "school routine", as suggested by Punch Bowl.  This party this is fun, interactive, and provides a lot of take home "goodies" for all the guests.


The invitations for a back to school party can be really fun to plan!  If you want to go a less expensive route and you child is only enough, have them help you by writing the invitations on school notebook paper and colorful school supplies.  They will really enjoy the art project aspect of the helping with the invitations, and when your guests receive the invites, they will start to get excited about the upcoming year! If homemade invitations sound too time consuming, you should take a look at Purple Trail for invitations! They have so many options for you to choose from.  Perhaps you see an invite that sparks your imagination and you can create your own!

On your invitations, be sure to let your guests know that they are coming to a fun-filled, action-packed "school day".  Encourage the kids to come in clothes they are comfortable getting dirty due to art projects and outdoor games.  The idea of a fun school day will be sure to get every kid excited.

The "School Day"

The easiest way to present the party, especially for a large crowd, it to have stations of activities.  This way, small groups of kids can be working on different areas simultaneously.  The stations can be timed if you are trying to fit around a schedule, or they can very relaxed.  Allowing the kids to flow between favorite stations can create a calm and fun atmosphere.

Gage the age group of the kids coming and plan appropriately.  If the children are young, try stations of mostly easy-to-follow crafts.  You could introduce the alphabet by having the kids decorate the first letter of their name. For the older crowd, a few simple math or letter based puzzles could be a fun way to get their brains back in to gear. 

No matter the age group, remember that the kids are there to have FUN! Keep the ideas light, fun, and full of crafts that they can take home to show their parents.  Just like at school, a kid will love the feeling of creating something beautiful to share with loved ones.  

"Snack" Time

A party is not a party unless it has cake!  With a back to school party, your imagination is the limit; just think of all the possibilities you have!  We suggest brainstorming ideas with your kids and see what their ideas are.  Maybe your kids could suggest a cake that reflects their favorite thing about school.  We like the idea of having a cake in the shape of:

  • School Bus
  • Notebook paper with writing in icing
  • Lunchbox
  • Giant crayon or crayon box
  • School mascot
Along with cake, be sure to have a few non-sugar snacks as well.  It could be a good idea to start reintroducing the kids in to healthy snack choices.  Fruits, veggies, and whole grain crackers can be a great place to start!  You can mix up a few kid friendly dips for them to enjoy.  Snack time could be their new favorite time of day!


A trip outdoors is necessary for the school day! And this is the perfect time to bust a pinata.  We suggest ordering a school mascot pinata to put the excitement back in their year!  Our mascot pinatas are huge and hold enough candy for a large party.  We can customize our pinatas to fit your school mascot and colors.  

You might also think about getting a pinata that is your kid's favorite sport!  A sporty pinata would be a great transition in to outdoor games.  Some classic recess games you can have everyone play are:

  • Tag
  • Red Rover
  • Hopscotch
  • Four Square
  • Jump Rope
  • Hide and Seek
  • Tetherball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
The most important thing to remember about a back to school party is to remind all the kids that school can be fun! And exciting! You may even be able to slip in a few "school lessons"... unless the cake is too distracting...


It's a pinata! It's a cake! It's a pinata cake!

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Now that you have mastered the art of making pinata cookies, why not turn it up a notch and make a surprising pinata cake?!

The idea of a pinata cake probably seems overwhelming at first, but these cakes are actually very easy to make.  This kind of cake only requires a few extra minutes and some patience after the cake has cooled.  

What secrets will your cake hold?

Pinata cakes are so wonderful because you can seal in any kind of secret or surprise! Since the "pinata" part of the assembling process doesn't take place until after the cake has completely cooled, you can place almost anything you desire on the inside.  If you choose to place a special item in your cake that is not edible, be sure to take appropriate steps and wrap the item in plastic wrap.  Although the cutting of the cake may not come out perfectly, a non-edible item that is properly wrapped in plastic won't get any food particles on it and won't effect the flavor (or cleanliness!) of the cake. 

  • Baby gender reveal party
  • New car keys for a Sweet Sixteen party
  • The guest of honor's favorite candy
  • An engagement ring or special piece of jewelry
  • Tickets to a special show or concert
  • A piece of paper describing a much bigger surprise waitng 
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • M&M's
  • Reese's pieces
  • A favorite icing flavor (one can never have too much icing!)
Another wonderful thing about pinata cakes is the variety in which they can be created!  A traditional spongy cake is always delicious, but you can also be adventurous in the kitchen and try something new.  One fun cake idea is to make one with a hard chocolate shell that you can break open to find your surprise. This cake is not only perfect for the chocoholic you are baking for, but is also great for the loved one who loves a unique surprise.

Happy baking!

Spiderman Super Party!

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Are you wanting a super party for your super kid? Then why not throw a party with a super hero theme! One of our favorite super hero parties is about our classic hero: Spidermaaaaaan!

Making your home ready for Spiderman

One of the many great things about Spiderman is his color scheme.  No, really!  Red and blue are two easy-to-find colors when you are looking for decor and can be incorporated in to almost anything:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Banners
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Balloons
  • Silverware
  • Cookies
  • Cupcake icing
  • Goodie bags

If you have been hunting for everything with a photo of Spiderman on it, or you or short on time, incorporating the two colors of red and blue will instantly bring the theme together with a pop of color. 

Once you have set up your color scheme you can really have fun with the small details.  Since Spiderman is known for throwing cobwebs, place cobwebs throughout your home.  Simple cotton batches, like those from a halloween section, make great spiderwebs; they are easy to assemble and easy to clean up.  For a grand entrance for your guests, create a giant spiderweb at the front door for everyone to see!

After you have decorated your house, it's time to focus on the food table.  This is the part of the party that you can get extremely creative while having delicious outcomes!  So many recipes can easily be adjusted to fit this party theme.  Anytime you are icing or decorating a dessert, just add a spider web to the top! Worried about the colors of your dessert? Food coloring can be a safe way to make your favorite treats red and blue.

Spiderman Surprises!

A Spiderman pintata can be filled with so many wonderful "spidey" treats! With our giant pinatas, there is plenty of room to add in not only your favorite candies and goodies, but Spiderman themed surprises.  Here are a a few ideas:

  • Plastic toy spiders
  • Spider stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Cobweb stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Your favorite trinkets in red and blue
  • Small packages of cotton candy (labeled "spider webs" and kept cool until filling"
  • Cobweb and spider shaped candies and chooclates

Our Spiderman pinata stands at a towering 4 feet tall and will hold 10 lbs. of candies and suprises!


Become Spiderman!

One of the most wonderful features of Spiderman is his mask and outfit.  Encourage kids to come either dressed as Spiderman or in red or blue.  To help your kids get in to the theme of the party, try having a face painting station for everyone to get the Spiderman mask painted on to their face. With freshly painted masks, all of the kids will be ready to run around and do their best super hero tricks! If you are going to paint anyone's face, be sure to check with fellow parents about allergens and use gentle face paint. 

Along with the face paint, another great way to have the kids feel like super heros is to make signs for them to carry around that say things like "POW!", "BANG!", "WOW!", ect, just like the old super hero TV shows.  Anytime one of the kids wins a game or does a neat trick, they can hold up their very own super hero sign!



Bring the Pinata to the Table: Pinata Cookies

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The very definition of a pinata is figure filled with a suprise that is meant to be broken open. Why not add this fun surprise to your party menu?! Boys and girls, kids and adults, everyone will enjoy this sweet suprise!

Pinata Cookies

One of the best ways to spice up your party is to incorporate the theme in to your food table.  If you are looking for a unique and delicious dessert, try making pinata cookies!  Pinata cookies are one the most fun and creative ways to add in fun and flavor to your cookie platter. Traditional pinata cookies are usually multi-colored and filled with equally colorful candy.  The colors in the cookie will pop  on your food table and will provide a wonderful treat for your guests.  Most of the time, a donkey or sombrero cookie cutter can be used because they are associated with real pinatas and provide enough space to add in the hidden candy.   However, any cookie shape can be made into a pinata cookie! Whether you are having a fall party and want to incorporate more pumpkins in to your treats or you are wanting to add a new a dessert to your Christmas traditions, keep this cookie idea in mind!  

Once you have a party idea planned out, you can create almost anything from your imagination; get creative with your cookie shapes!  Cooking and baking supply stores are a great place to start and can offer some great brainstorming ideas.  Are you stuck on trying to come up with a party theme? Try heading to your local party location and look over the cookie cutter selection; chances are there is something that will pop out to you that you may not have originally considered. 

Another great thing about pinata cookies is that your flavor options and combinations are limitless.  The easy, step by step process, in creating pinata cookies leaves you with many options when it comes to your base cookie flavor and corresponding fillings. If you are throwing a party for a particular person, you can create a new favorite dessert from their favorite flavor combinations.  For a safe base flavor, sugar cookie dough is always an excellent choice. Sugar cookie dough is great to use because you can add in any color of your choosing and you are providing a cookie flavor that will go with most fillings.  Just think about your favorite candy bar or dessert and you can make that in to a cookie pinata combo!

Some great pinata cookie fillings are:

  • M&M's
  • Skittles
  • Red Hots
  • Gummy bears
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate icing
  • Mint Icing
  • Vanilla Icing
  • Strawberry Icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Candy Corn
  • Reese's Pieces
One thing to remember is that this dessert may be new for many people and therefor could be choking hazard for some small children who may not be old enough to consume small candies.  Just be sure to either gage your guests age or properly warn everyone about the small suprises inside!

Once you have your cookie shape and flavor combinations decided, you can get to work! And as with most new projects, just remember to take your time and not to rush through the process.  It may seem like a daunting task (because they are just so wonderful looking!) but the process is really quite simple.  

Happy cookie making!


What should I put in my pinata?

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Now that you have ordered your pinata, you may be wondering what kind of goodies you should fill it with. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you have the perfectly filled pinata. And keep in mind, our pinatas hold 10 lbs. of whatever goodies your mind can come up with!

Think about your theme

If you are having a theme oriented party, be sure to fill your pinata accordingly.  For example, if you are having a space exploration birthday party, then candy canes probably wouldn't be the best option.  Here are few candy suggestions for theme parties.

  • Boys only party: blue and green colored candy (or your child's favorite color!), sour worms, candied scorpions, chocolates wrapped like sports balls, gummy dinosaurs, candy rocks, super hero candies
  • Girls only party: pink and purple colored candy (or your child's favorite color!), sugar coated candies, bubble gum, candy necklaces, ring pops, candy shaped like flowers and butterflies
  • Christmas Party: red and green candies, miniature candy canes, marshmallows wrapped in small groupings (you can label them "Snowman Poop", chocolate santas, candy coal, york peppermint patties, peppermints
  • St. Patty's Day: shamrock mints, gold coin chocolates, candied shamrocks
  • Halloween: bundles of candy corn, Reese's pumpkins, ghost candies, licorice, bat mix, candy blood
  • Easter: cadbury eggs, peeps, easter egg tootsie pops, foiled eggs, pastel candies, chocolate bunnies
  • Valentine's Day: heart shaped candies in pink and red, sweethearts, red hots, chocolate covered cherries, valentine candy corn
  • 4th of July: red, white, and blue candies, crunch bars, star shaped candies, gummy army guys, pop rocks, fireballs, patriotic swirl suckers
Other favorites to throw in according to a color scheme are:
  • suckers
  • jelly beans
  • laffy taffy
  • rock candy
  • gummy bears
  • candy sticks
  • bulk chocolates
  • life savers
  • jolly ranchers
  • jordan almonds
  • pez dispensers
  • jaw breaker
  • swizzle sticks

Not Just Candy!

Worried about giving your guests too many sweets in one sitting? Try filling your pinata with a variety of trinkets! Here are a few of our favorite alternatives to give kids instead of candy:
  • stickers (everyone loves stickers!)
  • small erasers
  • toy cars
  • tiny kush balls
  • bouncy balls
  • yo-yo's
  • giggle sticks
  • balloons
  • slap braclets
  • rings
  • palm paddle balls
  • necklaces
  • silly putty
  • green army men
  • mini rubik's cube
  • silly putty
  • mini slinkies
  • legos
  • wax lips
  • set of jax
  • whoopie cushions
  • glitter balls
For more adult themed parties:
  • single serving liquor bottles
  • gift cards
  • mardi gras beads
  • movie tickets
  • bottle openers
  • keychains
  • lottery tickets
  • glow sticks
  • stick on mustaches

After you have busted open your pinata, you may be looking at a candy massacre in your yard or in your living room.  A quick way to clean it all up is to give all your guests small "to-go" candy bags and have them fill their bags with the items of their choosing.  Everyone can walk around and see all of the contents and pick their favorites. Be sure to have a variety! If you are short on time, you can even have a countdown clock for the kids to run out and grab as much candy as the can before time runs out.

The possibilities can stretch as far as your imagination!  If you are having a party for a specific person or topic, then think about something special that will go inside.  Just make sure it can withstand the force of the pinata bat, because you know your guests will be hitting the pinatas with all their might!!

Happy busting!

How to put candy in to your pinata

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In order to make your pinata experience perfect, we like to provide you little bits of helpful information from time to time.  Sometimes during the hectic planning process of a party, it's easy to overlook the small details until the last minute.  Preparing the pinata for a party sometimes becomes that small element that is rushed at the end of the all the planning.  Here are few things we recommend in preparing your pinata.

Why our pinatas are sealed

All pinatas from Pinata Casa come to you completely sealed.  This means that there are no openings that have been previously cut in to your pinata.  We do this for several reasons.  When we leave the pinata completely sealed, we are taking just one more step in insuring the integrity of your pinata order.  If we were to cut in a hole, the chances of your pinata coming to you damaged increases; and we like for your order to be perfect!  Also, because our pinatas are so unique and some pinata choices are custom orders, we let the purchaser decide the best location for cutting the hole.  You have taken the time to order a party accessory that is the most fitting for your occasion, and so we believe that you are also going to take the same care in how you cut in to your pinata and how you fill it.

How to cut the candy hole

In order to fill your pinata, we recommend a hole that is about 3" to 4" across.  This generally the best size because it is large enough to fill with most kinds of candies and trinkets, but small enough to easily conceal.  Here is what we at Pinata Casa have found to be the best method in filling your pinata:

1. Imagine the finished "hole" is actually in the shape of a square.

2. Using a magic marker, or pen, draw a square somewhere near the top of you pinata.  (This is where your personal preference will come in.  Once you have received your pinata, you can see where the best possible location will be.)  Make sure your square is 3" to 4" long on each side.  

3. WITH ADULT SUPERVISION: Find a knife, or sharp tool, slowly cut along the marked lines on THREE SIDES ONLY.  If you cut all four sides, the cardboard square will fall in to the abyss of your pinata and will be lost until you break in to your pinata.

4. Once you have cut THREE sides, pull the square towards the outside.  DO NOT PUSH IT IN.  This just makes the square harder to put back in to place.

5. NOW FILL YOU PINATA WILL ALL YOUR AMAZING CANDY AND PRIZES!  This is the best part. Pinata fillings are as endless as your imagination.  We recommend filling your pinata with candy and trinkets that fit the theme of the party and are favorites among your guests.

6. To close your pinata, simply push the square back down to its original location and tape it down.

You're all done! Now go and bust open that pinata!

Remember, our giant custom pinatas hold 10 lbs. of candy, so stock up!  With pinatas this big, everyone at your pinata will be sure to get some delicious candy or fun prizes.

When should I fill my pinata?

This question can be answered by assessing your party's circumstances.

  • What will the weather be like the day of my party?
  • Are we busting the pinata inside, or outside?
  • What time is my party? How many of "prep" things do I need to do the "day of"?
  • Do I have a good place to properly store my pinata?
If you party is taking place during a hot afternoon, we definitely don't recommend you filling your pinata and then leaving it out in the sun. Unless you have completely filled your pinata with heat resistance candy or objects, you could have a giant, melted mess on your hands. We always recommend storing your pinata in a cool, dry place.  Just think about where you would store the candy that you bought for the occasion, and follow the same principles for storing your pinata.  

Also, don't wait until the last minute! If you are having a breakfast, brunch, or early afternoon gathering, perhaps you should consider filling the pinata the night before.  It's always great to have "one less thing" to take care of on the day of a party.  We know small issues will always arise! If your party is later in the afternoon or in the evening, then filling your pinata that morning should work out just fine! Always follow a list and small timeline to ease any stress.  We know being the host or hostess of a party can be stressful at times, and any help is always welcomed. And just remember: if you are stressed in your planning, you will soon be able to take out all your frustrations on the pinata! 

The pinata that you have received for your occasion is special and we understand you care in considering one of ours. If you have any questions about your pinata, just ask!  We strive to make your pinata experience smashing!

Happy busting!

The Lovely Holiday

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Yes, it’s that time of year again!  That time of year where love is everywhere.  In drug stores, malls, and supermarkets across the nation, the colors of red and pink seem to have been vomited on to every surface by holiday elves recovering from Christmas.  Valentine’s Day is a unique holiday.  Some say it is created for consumers to buy stuff that they don’t need, but we believe it’s a day to celebrate the people you love!  Platonic love. Romantic love. Puppy Love. True Love. Party Love.  We celebrate it all!

Our pinatas hold 10 lbs. of sweet and delicious Valentine's Day Candy!  Planning to propose Valentine's Day? Fill one of our giant pinatas with your bride to be's favorite candy and place the ring inside as well.  That will truly be a unique engagement story!

Holiday Swap Parties!

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Are you trying to think of unique party ideas this year? Try having “swap” parties! From cookies and pies to cocktails and punches, every
family has their own beloved, special recipe that they look forward to every year.  This fun party idea is great for every guest that is invited to the party. Everyone can be asked to bring a favorite item to share and everyone will get to enjoy a little piece of a special family secret.  

Benefits of the swap party

The holidays can be overwhelming; it’s just a fact of life.  When the weather turns cold, every host and hostess starts wondering what they can do for holiday parties this time of year and how their party can stand out and be unique.  Parties this time of year are held for friends and family, the young and old, or a combination of all. What’s great about having a swap party is that the pressure of providing all of the food or drinks is not all on you!  The main focus of a swap party is for everyone to contribute to the party food or drink and share a special story about their recipe. 

Cleaning up after a swap party is a piece of cake; literally!  When everyone brings their recipe in to the party, your guests will get to sample a little bit of everything that there is to offer.  By the end of the party, everything should be gone.  If you have a few leftovers, divide them as evenly as possible among your guests and they will be able to take home some delicious treats.  If you are trying to think of party favors, set aside a recipe of your own that you will be able to wrap appropriately and send home with your guests.  No matter how much food is eaten, everyone will get a special treat to take home.

Tips for the table

If your swap party is food based...  be sure to make a special note on the invitation of exactly what your guests will expect in terms of food when they come.  If it is a dessert party, provide a few snacks that are not of the sweet nature.  Dessert is wonderful, but may be overwhelming if it is the only food provided. Depending on what kind of food is being served, large plates may be ideal for your guests.  With a large plate, everyone can get a little bit of everything.  Have your guests make the portions a little bit smaller than usual so that people don't fill up too quickly on one kind of food.

If your swap party is beverage based... be sure to provide food!  If you are having a cocktail or holiday punch swap party, then food should be given to your guests so that aren't drinking anything on an empty stomach.  Small cups or cocktail glasses are great for giving out small portions.  Shot glasses can even be ideal depending upon the amount of people coming, even if there is no alcohol in the drinks.  Little sips of delicious drinks can allow your guests to sample everything.  If there is a particular drink or cocktail they prefer the most, than can serve themselves a full drink.  Remember, if you are over 21, please drink responsibly!

As a host, make the access easier to the items being swapped by laying everything out on a large table.  One of the great things about this party is that you can eat or drink in any order that you wish and you can sample everything. In terms of your table decorations, this is where your creativity will come in to play.  You can really make your table pop by decorating according to the season.  Have blank labels ready for your guests so that they can label what they brought.  Be sure to check with your guests about any allergies that they may have. 

Add in the holiday fun!

Holiday swap parties are really great because they are a relaxing time with friends and family during the hectic holiday season.  With your food and beverages taken care of by multiple people, you can sit back and spend quality time with everyone.  A stress free party provides the chance to have some quality conversation with everyone invited.  Family favorite holiday games and activities can be played during your party as well; the possibilities are endless.  From the young to the old, there are so many options for entertaining your guests.

If you party is for a younger crowd, try things like:

For adults

Something that is great for party goers of all ages is having a pinata! Our pinatas large enough to hold 10 lbs. of holiday fun and cheer!  A pinata not only provides a great party activity, it doubly serves as festive party decor until you are ready to bust it open.  If you are trying to find that unique pinata for your party, let us know what you have in mind and will we work with you to make your pinata stand out.

We all love the holiday season because we get to spend time with the ones we love.  From friends to family, it’s that special time of year that we can sit back and relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Provide a great party for your nearest and dearest where they can share those special holiday recipes with one another.


I want a pinata, but it is cold outside!

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So you are having a party and you wanted to throw in a pinata. Excellent idea!  But now it is the cold winter season and your guests would like to stay indoors at all costs. Have no fear!  Pinatas can be used any time of year.  With a few simple tips, your next party can be a success no matter what the temperature might be.

Make room for your pinata

When people imagine a holiday party they typically think of it taking place indoors, and it does not have to be snowing outside to make your guests want to stay in the warmth.  For the safety of all of your guests, plan out the pinata busting ahead of time.  When the time comes, be sure to have all of your guests stand back with at least a 10 ft. radius from the person with the bat.  Once a pinata bat is placed in a guests hands the competition is on and everyone may feel quite competitive, especially is they have had a few cups of egg nog.  Keeping everyone away from the swinger will ensure that no one will accidentally be injured by the pinata bat.

Holiday parties are held in a variety of locations: homes, offices, restaurants, clubs, ect.  To ensure that no valuables are broken, take the time to survey the room and remove anything close to the "pinata zone".  If you are in your own home, a giant mess is the last thing you will want to clean up.  For parties in offsite locations, just remember that someone has most likely placed a security deposit down for damages.  A pinata bat can do a lot of damage if the bat swinger gets a little off course. 

Where do I hang it?

As everyone knows, pinatas are designed to hang down from an apparatus, such as a pole or tree.  If you are indoors, don’t worry about this issue because you have several options. One option is to find an area built in to your home that you can tie the pinata string around.  If you have a support beam or a well anchored pole, our piñatas will hang perfectly.  If you need to create a support system for the piñata, be sure to that it is well weighted at the bottom.  Our piñatas are very large and hold 10 lbs. of candy.  If you have 10 lbs. of something swinging through the air, the last thing you want to happen is have it come crashing down on you. 

Say you live in a small space and swinging at one of our pinatas is just not an option.  That’s okay!  Our pinatas can come with a pull string option to release a shower of candy and surprises upon your guests.  Sometimes for indoor parties, this may be the best option since everyone may be crowded together in a small space.  Party goers may also appreciate that you won’t be giving a pinata bat to a guest who has celebrated the holiday season with extra zest.



We cover all holidays!

No matter what your religion is or how you celebrate the holiday season, Pinata Casa has options for you!  If you don’t see a holiday pinata in our catalogue that you like or one that fits the theme of your party, just let us know and we will work with you to create the perfect pinata for you.  And as we said before, our pinatas are huge! They hold 10 lbs. of candy will add the perfect touch to your next soiree.  Pinata Casa celebrates everything under the sun because: who doesn’t like to have a party?! 


Gobble! Gobble!

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The Thanksgiving feast is almost an American sport.   We prepare, we have strategy about the path through the food table, and some even train for their food intake by “stretching” their stomachs in the days before. 

Surviving the day

Whether you are hosting the feast or just attending, Thanksgiving can be extremely stressful for some people.  In order to make it through the day relatively in one piece, here are a few tips to help you cope with the unforeseen situations.

  • Plan! Plan! Plan!
    • “Make a list and check it twice!” is not just for Santa Claus.  There is nothing more frustrating while you are preparing a pie than to discover you are short a can of condensed milk or just shy about a half a cup of flour.  Be sure to review ALL your recipes and buy just a little extra for good measure. Since Thanksgiving is such a well celebrated holiday, some guests tend to stay longer than just one day and any extra food on hand won’t hurt. Also, many if not all grocery stores will close by dinner time and those last minute food runs may not be possible.
  • Easy on the alcohol
    • Yes, this is a holiday.  No, you did not need to get hammered.  Not only does too much alcohol make you sleepy before a meal, you risk the lives of others if you chose to drive.  Holidays tend to see a rise in alcohol related crashes, so please be mindful of just how many glasses of wine you had along with your turkey and pie. 
  • Family issues
    • One of the best things about your family is that they are your family! But, at times this can be a bad thing as well.  You are not alone if you have to think about how you want to avoid the overly nosy aunt or the uncle who has too much beer around the turkey fryer and feels the need to weigh in on current events.  Remind yourself that you are gathering together to be thankful for such things as family and many people around the country may be having to spend the day alone.  And if someone in your family is really unbearable, just remember : It’s only one day.
  • Pace your food intake
    • Thanksgiving should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint.  It can be really easy to smell the delicious pies and turkey while they are cooking for hours, and promptly pile your plate with mounds of classic family recipes.  To be sure that you aren’t moaning on the couch within minutes after eating try to maintain some portion control with your favorite dishes.  Many holiday recipes are filled with heavy creams and seasonings, so go slow at first.  Pick your favorite dishes, but choose smaller sizes so that you are not overwhelming your system.   Pinata Casa is in full support of second trips to the buffet table, so be sure to make room in your stomach for such scenario.  One the best things about Thanksgiving is that you can eat all day so maybe save a piece of pie for watching the football game after you have had time to let your first rounds of food settle.
  • Football is crucial!
    • We don’t have to tell you what most people are doing on Thanksgiving.  Football may as well be listed as another dessert, because almost everyone wants a piece of it on Thanksgiving Day.  Be sure that your TV and cable systems are working and you have back up cables or power sources just in case.  Winter weather tends to hit around this time of year in many parts of the country, so have a plan B in case of a temporary cable loss or power outage.

What to put in your pinata?

We always love the idea of candy falling from the sky.  Who doesn’t?  But considering your pinata busting will take place during a day of massive food intake, consider adding in a few “Thanksgiving Appropriate” contents to your pinata:

  • Wet wipes
  • Travels sizes of antacids
  • Eye masks for the post turkey nap
  • Single shot liquor bottles (for the adults)

Our pinatas are huge!  They hold 10 lbs. of candy, so your possibilities are endless with what you could place inside them.  Two of our favorite pinatas for this holiday are out Thanksgiving turkey pinata and football.  Have something special in mind?  We can work with you to make the perfect party addition for your holiday feast.


So please enjoy your holiday safely and with a sound mind because this day comes but once a year! 

'Tis the Season!

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That wonderful time of year is upon us again and the holiday season can be quite a sneaky thing!  Now that Halloween is here, many people are finding themselves feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of the next few months.  Parties, presents, and pies will be the focus for much of the free time that people may have.  Here at Pinata Casa, we want to help you through this holiday season and provide you with as many stress free party tips and ideas as we can.  Since this time of year is all about parties, we also know that no party is complete without a fabulous pinata, or two!  Pinata Casa has many holiday pinatas to offer to add that special touch to your gatherings of friends and family.  We like to think that the time frame of the holiday season is from Halloween until Valentine’s Day.  That’s almost five solid months of yummy foods, delicious drinks, and lots of parties! 

Have something special in mind? We love to build custom pinatas!  Let us know what you have in mind and we will work with you to make that perfect pinata for your party.

Party Animals!

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From an early age, kids love and are fascinated by animals!  For your next party, try throwing a party that will bring kids closer to the animal kingdom. It can be both a fun and educational day for kids of all ages.

Which route to go

For parties that are centered on animals, one has so many options to work with! 

For the adventurous and brave parents, take your kids to your city’s zoo!  Many times, city zoos will have group rate discounts.  If you have a good ratio of parents to kids, this party can be a breeze to plan and fun for everyone involved.  It can be hard to prepare a party at home sometimes, especially with busy fall schedules, so why not take your kids to the party? The variety of animals at most zoos is quite extraordinary and kids of all ages are going to love seeing everything from lions to lizards, and birds to bears. Some kids have only seen certain exotic animals in books or on TV.  Seeing such fascinating creatures in real life can be a real joy and treat for any child!

If you want an animal party at home, consider a petting zoo! True, the animals may not be as exotic as the zoo, but with this party idea kids can actually touch the animals, and that's very cool! To help bring the exotic animal element to your party, try one of our pinatas!  Our pinatas from the wild kingdom hold 10 lbs. of candy and are great for bringing the jungle to life.  If you have a particular animal creature you would like to bring to life, say your child's favorite, we can work with you to make the perfect pinata. 

With a party at home, this is also a great time to add in the element of costumes!  Encourage everyone to come dressed as their favorite animal.  It can be really fun to see who comes dressed as which animal.  It not only adds a fun element to your party, but it gives a chance for kids to work with their own creativity!  

Jungle snacks

The food table at an animal party can be really fun to plan out.  If you are going to a location, see if you can bring in easily portable snacks in to the zoo.  Many times a zoo will have a party room specifically designed for parties.  Rooms like these, or even outdoor picnic tables allow you to bring some of your favorite foods from home.  To tie in to the animal theme, try bringing items such as animal crackers and gummy worms.  A great way to recreate an animal in a yummy way is have your cake or cupcakes tied in to the animal.  Are snakes the reptile of choice these days?  Have a bakery make a snake cake and iced in the colors of your child's favorite snake.  Maybe your child loves pigs?  Then have cupcakes that are pink with two marshmallows as the nose!  This part of the planning is all about incorporating the animal du jour with your own imagination. 

If you are having your animal bash at home, try combing a food genre with what animals you can have come to your home and what will cater best to your child and their friends.  For example:

  • Breakfast and Bunnies
  • Snacks and Snakes
  • Pizza and Parrots
  • Pizza and Ponies
  • Goodies and Goats
  • Pies and Piggies

Your possibilities are endless!

Don’t turn your party in to a zoo

Anytime you have a party that requires a change in location, such as traveling to a zoo, or one that is unique and brings in animals, kids can get wound up fairly quickly.  In order to avoid an afternoon of crazy kids, remind them to stay calm as much as possible for the sake of the animals.  If they are too loud and wild, the animals could become scared or agitated.  Not only will your kids want to keep the animals happy, they in turn will be calm themselves.  Make sure to acknowledge your children’s good behavior; it isn’t easy staying calm around their favorite animals.


Your own little animals are going to love this party theme!  

Are you ready for some football!?

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The sweet, sweet season of football games is almost upon us.  Whether you are a collegiate fan or prefer the pros, football is a fun game to enjoy with your friends; which is also a wonderful reason to have a party!  To help kick off your football party season, we are here to help you with the small details that will make your party stand out.

Have your favorite team at your party

Here at Pinata Casa, we love every football team!  But, we know that you have one particular team, college and professional, that you want to root for every weekend.  You probably even a favorite player!  Our football player pinatas and mascots stand a whopping 4 Ft. tall and hold 10 lbs. of candy!  We can also create a specific football player just for you.  Just let us know who your favorite team or player is, and we will make sure he comes to your party!  If you are just a fan of the game in general, with no particular allegiance, than be sure to have one of our football pinatas! 

Halftime is a perfect time to take a swing at a pinata, especially if your team is down.  It can be a great way to take out any frustrations you have had for the past hour and half watching the score.  And if your team is winning, then you can carry that good luck over to your pinata swinging skills. Once the pinata is busted, everyone will be ready for the second with a great stash of sweet and delicious candy.

The Classic Snacks

Football parties are not complete without a full food spread.  Unlike a party menu with a unique and specific theme, this party menu can be all about your favorite foods! Your guests will come over expecting lots of great snacks.  A lot of the well-known “football foods” can be easy to prepare.  Some of the best choices are as simple as heating something up that can be found in the frozen section or ordering something to the house.  When serving your guests, you want to provide them with food that is easy to grab and eat.  Here are just a few suggestions we find to be great at a football party:

  • Chips and dips
  • Nachos
  • Pizza
  • Sub Sandwiches
  • Hot Wings
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Don’t forget the beer and soft drinks!!

Since this party that is all about the TV screen, try placing the food table off to the side of the sitting area, but close enough to see the TV.  You don’t want to be the guest who blocks the view of great play because you were reaching in the middle to grab some nachos.  With the food table in view of the TV, your friends will still be able to watch the game, but not visually block it from anyone else. 

Tips for watching

Chances are that if you are having people over to watch the game, you are a big fan of a team.  To make sure you don’t miss any great moments of the game, invite your friends over about 30 minutes to an hour before kick-off.  Although this may seem a little early, this will give you time to catch up with everyone and your guest will be acquainted with the two main necessities they will need for the game: the locations of the food table and restroom.

Help everyone get in to the spirit of the game by having team memorabilia around and encouraging your guests to wear their favorite team’s clothing. Cheering for your special team is what football season is all about! Many teams have online stores where you can order everything from jerseys and banners to cups and plates. Deck your house out from top to bottom to spread that positive winning cheer!

Here's to a great football season!

A Night Under the Stars - The at Home Camping Trip

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Before life's hectic fall schedule gets in to full swing, have your kids have one last summer sleep over with their friends!  The weather is still warm enough to have a "camp out", which can always be fun and exciting for kids of all ages.

Camping Trip at Home!

Your own backyard can be the perfect setting for this unique slumber party theme. Both boys and girls will love spending a night under the stars, creating a fun and memorable time for everyone.  "Camping" items that are essential for a successful night are:

  • Tents
  • Pillows
  • Blankets (in case it gets chilly!)
  • Mats for a cushier night's sleep
  • Lanterns/Flashlights
  • Bug Spray
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Bottled water
A great benefit of camping at home, is that you are home!  If you forget something crucial, someone gets scared during the night, or inclimate weather pops up, the safety of your home is just feet away.  With the warmth of summer nights fading quickly, use this time to let your kids create some great memories with their best friends.

Grub for the evening

Planning a menu for a camping slumber party is both easy on your budget and easy on the picky palates of kids.  Camping out instantly brings to mind some classic food items that are easy to assemble and enjoyed by kids of all ages.  For you evening under the stars, offer your kids and guests these delicious goodies:
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Baked beans
  • Chips
  • Fruit
  • Pre-made tacos wrapped in foil
  • S'mores
One of the great things about all of these favorites foods is that they can be prepared through a variety of heat sources: camp fire, grill, or even inside!  Plan what food method will work best for you and have fun planning out some of your favorite snacks.  To fit in with the nature theme, add in gummy worms and gummy bears as a late night snack. For animal safety, be sure to clean up ALL food scraps before everyone calls it a night.  Even if you are in your own backyard, some cities have critters that will seek out your delicious food and try to enjoy it for themselves.

Imagination time!

Camping and story telling go hand in hand.  Stories can range from funny to scary, short to long.  When you are inviting guests over, tell them to be thinking of their favorite story that they will want to share around the campfire.  Be cautious of the age group of your audience! The last thing you want to do as a host is send young kids to bed in a tent after a super scary story.  If anyone kid seems uneasy after a story, end the night with a funny joke; this will help everyone have a better night's sleep.

To burn off the extra energy that your kids may have from all their camping food, try having them take a swing at a pinata!  

Our pinatas hold 10 lbs of candy!  Everyone will love trying to bust out a midnight candy stash to enjoy in their tents while they swap stories in to the night.  If you are wanting something custom for your camp out, just let us know!  We love to create pinatas that are perfect for you.  You are using your imagination in planning such a fun slumber party and you should use that imagination in planning out the perfect pinata!

Nighttime Safety

Don't let a great evening get spoiled by a bug bite or an accident in the dark!  Be sure to follow all safety tips and rules just as you normally would if you were camping out in the country.  If you are considering a small campfire in your back yard, check with your city's fire safety laws to avoid any accidents and have a responsible adult near the fire at all times to avoid any major accidents or mishaps.  A burn or out of control fire can quickly became a bad situation.  If a campfire isn't an option, a grill will work fine for preparing any food.  If you are wanting the "campfire" feel for a story time, a lantern can work just as well.

For a peace of mind for your littlest guests, make sure everyone knows the route to the nearest bathroom and that it can be easily found during the night! If your kids choose to sleep outside for the whole night, some guests could wake up a little disoriented and having a well lit area by your house can be very helpful for them.  If anyone gets scared, reassure them before they head out in to their tents that they can always come inside and sleep on a couch.

Camping with your friends and family is a special night that no one will forget.  Use your own backyard as a playground for memories! 

Play Ball!

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One of America’s favorite sports is baseball and there is no doubt that this classic sport is beloved by both the young and old.  Whether it’s a baseball party for your own little baseball player or you are celebrating the World Series, we want to help make your baseball themed party a home run!

Take me out to the ball game!

A baseball party will be hit for all ages! When you are planning out your party, have fun with all the small details and adding as many small baseball touches as you can.  For your invitations, whether it’s for a birthday party or a watch party, be sure to emphasize the baseball theme. Usually every fan has a favorite team or player.  By asking your guest to wear a jersey or t-shirt to represent their favorites, you not only acknowledge something important to them, you help them get in the festive mood for the party.

Baseball fun

If you are having a baseball themed party, then you are true baseball fan!  What is great about baseball at home is that you do not always need a full team! Make sure you have spare baseball gloves and balls around for your guests to enjoy a small game of catch with one another.  If your party is large enough, play a full game in your yard! Everyone will love getting to be a part of something active and fun.  Playing an inning with your friends can be a great way to relax and have some outside fun.

Another great past time during your party would be to ask or play a game centered around baseball trivia.  It is always fun to see what little facts everyone knows.  If anyone has a baseball card collection, encourage them to bring it along to share with others.  Many guests will love to share their favorite baseball moments or personal experiences with other baseball enthusiasts.

Looking for a way to practicing your swinging skills, other than on the diamond? Try taking a swing at one of our baseball player pinatas! They are a whopping 4 Ft. tall and hold 10 lbs. of candy.  Our baseball player pinatas are the perfect addition to any party.  It can be difficult to try and figure out a way to incorporate your favorite player or team in to the party’s decorations, but these pinatas are a great way to accomplish just that! They can be a part of your décor and help get the guests pumped about the party theme until you are ready to step up to bat and bust out that candy.

Having stadium food at home

Peanuts! Popcorn! Ice cold soda! Stadium food and fare is all a part of the baseball experience and is something you can easily recreate in your own home.   Your food menu can be easy, fun, and delicious.  The classics are crowd pleasers and will be friendly on your budget as well. Try having any or all of these items below at your baseball party:

  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Nachos
  • Pretzels
  • Ice cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • Candy bars
  • Ice cold soda
  • Ice cream floats
  • Cold beer (for those over 21!)

For a baseball themed party, you can also center your cake around the experience as well.  If you are having a large sheet cake, try having a baseball scene recreated on top.  Most cake decorators, or crafty moms, can easily recreate a baseball diamond out of colored icing.  Specialty party supply stores can be great resource for specialty cake toppers.  You can make your own winning game, right on top of the cake!

If you are looking towards cupcakes, there are two great options for presentation depending on your own personal preference.  What is great about these two options is you can have any flavor of cake that you want underneath and the same uniform image on top! For decorating individual cupcakes, go with white icing on top, followed by two lines of red icing to imitate a baseball.  Every party goer will have their own personal baseball to enjoy.  If you want to group your cupcakes together for a large creative image, place your cupcakes all together in the shape of a baseball.  Frost all the cupcakes in white icing and then with red icing, draw out two giant red lines, creating one giant baseball!  It not only looks fabulous, but your guests can walk right up and pick off the cupcake of their choice!


America’s past time is now your party time! Play ball!

Back to School Blues

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The end of summer is fast approaching and school will be getting back in to session before you know it! Even though it can be very easy to start to feel a little blue about this wonderful time of year slipping away, don't let that get you down.  Sometimes by having a something end on a positive not, it can help make it become that much more special; let summertime be one of those things!

End with a bang

Having a party to celebrate the end of summer and the start of new season seems almost essential.  The fall can get busy rather quickly with school, sports, and family obligations quickly taking over the calendar.  As excited as we all are about a fresh school year, saying goodbye to this fun and hot season can be bitter-sweet.

To honor the summer holiday, try adding one of our summer season pinatas to your party!  They are perfect for the end of summer bash and hold 10 lbs. of candy; the perfect amount for parties both large and small. Our pinatas are great for all ages and everyone will enjoy one last hoorah with one.   Nothing defines a summer party quite like outdoor fun, pinatas included!

Write down your memories

Summertime is such a special time of year.  The days are filled with fun trips and sweet treats, the sun sets later, and everyone gets to stay out just little bit longer.  Before the memories fade away, take the time to write down your favorite parts with your family.  Kids will have so much fun reminiscing about their favorite parts and can help give you the parent ideas for next year.

If you are having a final party with your friends, go around in a circle and tell what your favorite summer memory was this year.  Sometimes a summer season can put friends on different schedules, so take the time to share and savor your travels and moments with others.

Farewell to summer treats

Even though you can enjoy a tropical menu any time throughout the year, you might as well enjoy some while it’s still hot outside! For your guests, create a menu that is a salute to summer:

  • Fruit slushies
  • Ice cream treats
  • Popsicles
  • Tropical fruits
  • Caribbean fare
  • Coke floats

If you had a luau or swimming party earlier in the summer, use this chance to display your tropical party décor one last time.  Palm trees, suns, flowers, beach balls, and flip flops are the perfect symbols of summertime.  Try to work these symbols in to your dessert shapes or table décor. If you have younger kids are your party, you can make homemade sand pit in your yard for one last sand castle contest!


It’s never easy to say good bye to the warm and inviting time that is summer. This charmed season makes long lasting memories; so take a moment before school starts and savor the end of summer.

Happy People Hit Pinatas

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Did you know that happier people live on average 9 years longer? Here at Pinata Casa, one of our many goals is to make your pinata experience as happy as possible!  Pinatas bring a unique charm to any gathering.  They can be a new addition to a family tradition or conjure up some wonderful childhood memories for others.

At your next party, we challenge you to watch someone take a swing at a pinata and not smile.  It’s such a fun activity!  The human brain releases endorphins every time a person smiles.  Endorphins “are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters.  They resemble opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being”[1]. In short, they are happy chemicals made by the brain to make you feel good! If you are taking a hit at piñata and you smile, then it can be concluded that hitting pinatas make people happy!

Take a Swing at These!

Pinata Casa loves to work with our customers to create the perfect custom creation.  We love hearing your ideas and expressing creativity on what you would like to do with your pinata.  We know you are taking the time out of your busy party planning schedule to work on coming up with the perfect pinata for your party and we want to make sure you are a happy customer.  We love sharing our party ideas and tips with you and encourage you to use your imagination for all of your parties!

Along with custom creations, we have a huge variety of pinatas from our catalog.  For your next party, consider adding a one of our traditional Mexican pinatas to add to the festivities.  Our pinatas are bigger than the average pinata and will make any guest happy.  They hold 10lbs of candy and can accommodate parties from small to large.

We look forward to being a party of your special day!